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An automation is an action that is taken based on what someone has selected or requested. It's something that happens without you having to lift a finger (once it's all set up in your systems, of course!) - read on to find out how to make automations work for you!

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What does Evergreen mean? What makes a course an Evergreen Course, and what are the benefits of an evergreen course? Find all the answers in this episode of Kristina Smith's WTF Are They Talking About? Series.

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Lead Magnets

Lead magnets. Landing Pages. Funnels.  Automations. Dripfeeds. Evergreen. List Building… What do these all mean, and why do you need to know all about them to start creating a successful business online?

Until I started my business, I thought a funnel was just a plastic implement designed to get a substance from one vessel to another without spillage.  Evergreen is a type of tree that keeps its leaves all year long and list building is what I did when I scribbled multiple lists in preparation for…

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