Expert Support and Tutorials from Kristina Smith, Worlds Biggest Simplero Geek*.

Unlock the power of Simplero and unleash your inner magician to grow your business with time-saving information and easy-to-follow training that sticks!

*Self proclaimed - but I'm pretty sure the cap fits.

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If you're not a Simplero Lover yet, you soon will be.

Now really IS your time to start making Simplero work for YOU.

"I just have to say that I'm so blown away by your level of personalized service. I've hired people to help me with my business before, but I've never felt more supported than I do now."

- Elijah Weisbrod, Emotional Fitness Coach

Is this you?

    • You're paying for Simplero but aren't sure if it's worth your investment.
    • You only need ad-hoc or minimal support in your business, commitment isn't for you yet!
    • You've spent hours trying a few different set ups here and there, but you're still worried it doesn't work.
    • The thought of bringing your new idea to life in Simplero stops you from actually bringing it to life.

      • You know Simplero can do SO MUCH MORE than you're using it for right now.
      • You just want to start doing all the cool stuff that everyone else is doing without the stress and hassle of figuring it all out.
      • You've seen all the new features and updates notifications, but have no idea how to fit them in to your account or find time to learn them.
      • You're fed up DIYing alone.

You know there must be a better way, you just haven't found it yet.


I'm Kristina Smith - Certified Simplero Expert and Business Support Specialist.

Enthusiastic lover of dungarees, mochas and lemons.

Tech witch and wingwoman for my one-to-one clients.

Director of our wonderful support team here at Kristina Smith Virtual Business Solutions.

Kristina Smith - Behind the Zoom!
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I help awesome people build and grow their digital businesses with Simplero without the need for any tears, begging or threats seethed at their non-compliant screens.

And oh, how I love it!

Doubling up as an Online Business Manager with our one-to-one clients and facilitating the Certified Experts group alongside the Simplero team, the KSVBS team have helped heaps of people around the world build and grow their online business and harness the power of Simplero and the tech that keeps our digital hearts beating.

There's so many more people out there who yearn to thrive in their online business with Simplero, but don't know where to find helpful help and/or aren't ready to fully outsource their tech and business support...

Enter: The Hybrid Membership.

Now you too can access support when you need it and learn how to use Simplero's impressive features to grow your business faster, with confidence and simplicity!

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Here's how it works:

Membership illustration

DIY LIKE A PRO with Simplero with Kristina: The Hybrid Membership

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Simplero Tutorials and Tips  

Access a vault of ever-growing tutorials and tips.

Learn How To's, Why You Should's and How to Avoid's without any technical jargon.

Take what you need,
when you need it.

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Exclusive Power-Ups

Access one-to-one support from Kristina & the team when you need it (purchase required)

Because sometimes, Done For You makes life better.

Skip the queue and transfer it from your list to ours to just GET. IT. DONE.

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New Features: Explained

Dive deep in to the newest features and their impact on you.

Learn how to make the newest updates work for you.

Take any action you need to keep your account running smoothly.

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Monthly Workshops  

Pre-recorded and ready to watch when you are. 

No live training means you're never behind.
We already know how busy you are.

Deeper focus topics
delivered in a way that works for you.

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Personalised Tutorials

When you Power Up,  we'll create personalised tutorials for you in your own account.

Access inside your own private vault.

Things always make so much more sense when explained in your own account!

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Weekly Drop In Sessions

Jump into Zoom with the team to ask and learn!

Thursdays at 9am and 8pm UK time on alternative weeks, get your answers when you need them.

Never pressure to join, these are there for you when you need them.

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Case Studies & Demos

See how others make their Simplero accounts work for their business and customers.

Experience the journey from a customer viewpoint.

Get inspiration and pointers on what more you could add to your own customer's experience!

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Everything Else Business

We don't pretend to be business coaches. But we do have a LOT of experience of what works.

Pick our brains, float ideas, use us as your sounding board. We're already in your corner - use us!

We're so much more than just Simplero Experts!

Why 'Hybrid'?

This is not just another business membership filled with videos and content you'll never get around to watching or implementing. 

Oh no no no.

'Hybrid', because when you join, not only do you get the functional, useable, put-it-straight-to-work kinda content, you can POWER UP and purchase credits to get our eyes, support and teaching in your own business - only otherwise available to our one-to-one clients.

When you Power Up, we'll work with you the way we do our treasured one-to-one clients and do it for you.

No mess.
No fuss.
Just done.

And we'll even show you how we did it with personalised tutorials saved in to your own private vault inside our members area.

There's two things we love about what we do.
Simplero, and Support.
This hybrid membership allows us to do both, in a way that works for everyone.

You get to learn how to DIY your Simplero account AND you can access additional support in a way that's affordable to you.

We know not everyone can afford to outsource or is ready to sign themselves in to a monthly retainer yet with an experienced Online Business Manager (that's us, by the way).

With a Power Up, you're in control.
You skip the queue. You access our Power Up pricing that's only available to The Hybrid Membership.

And even better? Once your business is ready to outsource on a more regular basis and you want more time to focus on what you do best, you have first dibs on our one-to-one spaces at our lowest rates only available to our long-term clients. This is your head start.

No more dreaming of having someone in your corner. We're right here waiting for you.

Krisitna Smith falling behind Simplero

No Live Workshops - is this supposed to be a positive?!

It absolutely is and here's why:

I've flopped out of so many business memberships over the past several years. Not because the content isn't great, but because I cannot keep up with the live elements when I'm busy trying to run my own business/juggle parenting/keep the plates spinning/find time to grow.

I've felt like I was falling behind and not getting the most out of my monthly subscription.
That won't be happening on my watch.

When designing this Membership for you - optimising your time and investment is at the forefront of my mind.

That's why all training videos and demonstrations will be pre-recorded ready for you to dive in to as and when you need them. Not everyone will be working on the same projects at the same time.

This is your pick and mix, your buffet of DIY-ness and if you need training on something that hasn't yet been covered? Well hang tight as your wish is my command!

When you need them, a drop-in session will be held each week with one of our team for you to swing by and have your burning questions answered.

cross element NO MORE side-eyeing your Simplero subscription on your bank statement each month. You will KNOW it's worth it when you're on this journey with us.

cross elementNO MORE sitting on those spectacular plans for growth because you don't have the foundations in place to scale seamlessly.

cross elementNO MORE wishing you could afford a professional to Do It For You.

cross elementNO MORE DIYing it alone. (Yeah, I know)

Simplero with Kristina: The Hybrid Membership

The monthly subscription for online business owners to access effective, simple and fast Simplero 1-to-1 support and training with Certified Expert Kristina Smith (and the team!)

Join Here

The Subscription 

£35 Per Month/£350 Per Year

Instant Access to a vault of useful video tutorials. If the answer's not there yet, it will be once you've asked the question!

Tips & Information on how to do all the things in a way that works for you and your customers

Tutorials and demonstrations on Updates and New Features when they drop

Monthly Deep Dives in to a specific topic or feature

Access to Quick Questions inside our Community Forum

Weekly Drop In Sessions available for help when you need it

Experience a Simplero Membership done right from the customer side

Discover the best way to do things inside Simplero for YOUR business

Supercharge your business growth with Simplero with Kristina: The Hybrid Membership.

Optional Power Ups 🚀

£47 Each/£200 for 5

For Members Only: Purchase your power ups in bulk to use within 90 days, or as one-offs when you simply don't have time to Do It Yourself!

Perfect for getting Kristina and the team on the case to:

Untangle a head-scratcher in Simplero

Check your set up does what you want it to

Build out a Sales Page

Set up a new Membership Site

Create a "how to" tutorial in your own Simplero account

Get your new course ready for sale FAST

Set up your new lead magnet

Create a new sales funnel

Anything you can dream up!

Perfect for when 'Done For You' sounds better than DIY - your fast-track to personalised support.

The finer details (because, there's always some!)...

Kristina Smith is a Certified Simplero Expert and works closely with the team at Simplero to deliver the Certified Experts Programme to other (really amazing) freelancers, service providers and Simplero enthusiasts around the world.

Whilst Simplero with Kristina: The Hybrid Membership has been brought to life with the knowledge of the super-peeps at Simplero, it is in no way affiliated to the Simplero brand or a product of afore mentioned super-peeps.

If you're a freelancer specialising in providing Simplero Services to other businesses, this Hybrid Membership isn't for you (sorry) - you'll find what you're looking for here!

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Our Commitment To You

Full Access on your terms

Immediate access to all of the content. There's no "levels" of membership - it's a level playing field. And  if your budget means you join for just one month to get some adhoc Done For You support or consume the content you need right now, we're cool with that. Come and go as you please. Take what you need, when you need it. 

Trustworthy & Impartial

Everything we suggest is tried and tested-to-death by us. We will never knowingly guide you away from serving your best interests or pressure you to buy things you don't need.

Your Business is Safe with Us

If you purchase Power Ups for ad-hoc projects or help in your own Simplero account, we will ask you to add us as an admin on your account at the most basic level to allow us to work. When the project or task is over, we encourage you to remove us again, so you know that you are forever in full control of your own business. (There's a handy on/off toggle so you can let us back in next time you need us)



  • I can’t say that Simplero has transformed our business and the way we do things, because it’s not been Simplero alone… it’s been Simplero and KRISTINA.

    She knows this brilliant and powerful system inside out, so that, though I understand the principles of how everything is set up, it’s Kristina who is so brilliant at setting up the detail, and at great speed too.

    This Dynamic Duo then, of Simplero and Kristina, allows me to concentrate on what I’m good at, creating content, and talking about it to the world, all the time knowing that Kristina has it sorted.

    John C. Parkin

    Best Selling Author & Relaxation Expert

  • I have used Simplero for a number of years now and have always found it to be fairly straight forward and reliable as it does everything I need it it!

    Then I started working with Kristina and realised I had only really made the most of a small part of Simplero and so it just got better. 

    Kristina has so much expertise when using Simplero that my business is now mainly automated but yet still feels like it has a wonderful personal touch.

    Sarie Taylor

    The Perfectly Imperfect Mind Mentor

  • I am always so thrilled when Kristina finds solutions to everything I need to help me move forward!

    Her knowledge of simplero is amazing!

    I am grateful and blessed to work with her

    Susie Gessey

    Spiritual Healer, Teacher & Mentor

  • Kristina has been absolutely brilliant to work with over the past year as I have set up my new business.

    She is so knowledgeable of Simplero and setting up memberships and does everything 10x faster than I could.

    She is so quick and efficient in everything she does and I’m always surprised when I get my invoice to see how little time it has taken her to achieve the long lists I give her to do.

    I absolutely love working with her and am grateful for her every day.

    Bronwyn Smith

    Connected Child

  • Top Notch Service! I was referred to Kristina through my website hosting platform. I had a question that I needed help answering and also maybe also executing as I didn't feel confident in my abilities. In less than 24 hours I was taken care of and shown exactly what I could do with clear directions and additional ideas to make my work go further - saving me time and resources for my business. Thank you Kristina for your generous support, expertise and time.

    Melissa Rose

    Dance Studio Owner

  • Stop right now and hire this woman! Kristina makes my whole business world go round. She’s intuitive, creative and an amazing problem solver. I wholeheartedly recommend Kristina and her enthusiasm, dynamism and energy. She rocks!

    Hayley Gillard

    Compassionate Leaders

  • Working with Kristina has been brilliant for my business and sanity. She is very professional, flexible and always willing to help even at short notice. She really worked with me to understand my business and customers to help make sure all my messaging is right. Offered great advice for systems and processes, keeping it simple and manageable for me. Great communication and knowledgeable on so many systems. She also helped with great wee videos to allow me to learn some things myself. I would highly recommend Kristina, always a pleasure to work with and an asset to my business.

    Orielle Taylor

    Orielle Taylor Coaching

More about Kristina

Fuelled by lemons, sunshine and a questionable sense of humour, Kristina is a lover of all things Simplero, systems and tech. She spends her days helping business owners build, nourish and grow their online communities and memberships using her not-so-secret weapon - the all-in-one platform Simplero.

Kristina's support allows her clients to spend more time doing their thing, creating an income and serving their crowds, and less time losing their zing in the dull, behind the scenes stuff that is required to run a business online.

An intuitive wing-woman, sounding board and loudest cheerleader for her clients, Kristina’s proactive approach and enthusiasm is infectious and makes the leap to outsourcing and growing your team feel effortless.

Refreshing, zingy and makes online business easy-peasy lemon-squeezy for the non-square business owner.