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Take it back to the time when all you needed to find time for was your next big idea with Kristina Smith Virtual Business Solutions


Every great idea that you don't have time or energy to breathe life into slows the success of your business and prevents the world from experiencing your gift. 

We are an experienced bunch of specialists, bundled together to provide you with a Team-In-A-Box, ready to be the champions of your unique gifts and help you share them with the world without you having to do everything, all the time, on your own.


You're in safe hands here.

At KSVBS, we care very deeply about each business we support, as if it were our own. When you work with us, you will receive your own dedicated Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager, perfectly suited to the needs of you and your business.

We specialise in Simplero, but it's not our only zone of genius. We also provide support and expertise with:

Content Creation & Repurposing | Social Media Admin | All Things Podcasting | Blogging | Website builds | Community Management | Online Courses | Memberships | Customer Journeys | List Building | Email Marketing | Day-To-Day Tech Admin... and SO much more - ask us!

We know outsourcing can be scary if it's your first time or if you've had a bad experience in the past.

Baby steps. As business owners ourselves, we've all experienced the fear of the "first time" when letting someone else in to the business we've so carefully crafted by ourselves.

We've had clients join us who need just an hour or two of our time each month, go on to require 70+ hours per month thanks to the time, space and freedom we've been able to give them back.

Having worked closely with hundreds of businesses - we're here for your next right step.

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I've been in business a long time, since the late 80s. I've seen a lot of people in my time and worked with some really good people in amazing places in London. Even then it was still really hard to find excellent people to work with.. In all this time and all this experience, you really are excellent in every way. You do a brilliant job, you're very quick, so smart, absolutely reliable, always putting in 110%. We're just bowled over by how you've been Kristina, we count our lucky stars every day that you're working with us.

- John C. Parkin & Gaia Pollini, best selling authors of the F**k It Books

What do you need?

Our Most Popular Service!

Our Hourly Rate for regular, ongoing support from 10+ hours per month, flexibility is our middle name. 

Starting from £670 Per month - enquire below by submitting your details!

Sure, we'd love to!

Spaces are limited each month for one-off project work - let us know below what you need and we'll let you know as quickly as possible if we have capacity, or recommend someone who does.

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We know a lot...

...and we're happy to teach you what you need to know in order to keep moving forwards when it comes to tech set-ups and creations! AND give you ad-hoc 1-2-1 support on your terms if you're not ready to dive in to a 10 hour minimum per month commitment!

Check Out Our Hybrid Membership

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Flexibility Is key  

We pride ourselves on being one of the very few Online Business Management and Virtual Assistant services out there who don't do retainers. We have a fixed minimum of 10 hours per month for our monthly clients, as that's where we feel the relationship starts to flourish and we can do our best work. Beyond that, we strive to work with you to make sure you never receive a bill you weren't expecting from us.

Not all months were created equal - we take the highs with the lows alongside you.

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We can start off small  

Most of our clients have come to us requiring help on a specific task. They've gone on to become long term clients who's monthly hours with us have grown alongside their businesses. We love that. Just take the next right step and we'll be there with you making sure it as painless as possible!

When you're part of the KSVBS family, we're ready to grow with you.

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We'll help you figure out what you need

If you're not sure - and let's face it, if overwhelm has already hit, then we'd be surprised if you WERE sure - talk to us. We can help you figure out which fire is the most important one to put out first and take it from there.

Enquire Here and Start The Conversation

What we will do for you:

💛 Build and maintain your online courses, memberships, sales pages, lead magnets, websites, podcasts, blogs, content and a tonne of stuff more.

💛Automate the bits that can be automated, whilst keeping the journey real and human for your customers. Whilst we will never cut corners, we almost always discover things that can be done in a simpler way when we dive in with our clients.

💛Be your sounding boards, we'll share our expertise from working with hundreds of other businesses and help you make the next right decision.

💛Look after your clients, making sure they have the best experience when they choose you.

💛Suggest improvements, hold your hand through changes and make sure you're getting the very best out of your online business. We know a thing or two by now - and we're happy to share with you!

💛Show you how to use your software (if you want to know!). With us, you'll never be held prisoner by your tech. If you want to know how to do something, we'll show you. Yeah, we know, others have told us we're crazy for this too.

💛Tailor how we work together to make it work for you! We don't nail you in to retainers you'll never use. Tell us your monthly budget, and we'll get in touch with you if we're nearing it. Got a bigger project coming up and need more hours? Sure thing - just give us some notice!  Got a quieter month ahead and only need us for the five hours? That's fine too - it's all about communication and we're big on that here to make sure you never get any nasty surprise in your invoice at the end of the month.

💛Always bring the sunshine. And laughter. And enthusiasm. And excitement. And all those other words that are thrown around out there like confetti. The difference is, we mean it. That's how we've grown our business.

We're not an ordinary online support team. We're proud to do things differently around here. It works for us, and it works for our clients. If it sounds like it works for you too, you know what to do!

"Please don't ever die. My business and I would be screwed without you by my side!"

- Sarie Taylor, The Perfectly Imperfect Mind Mentor



  • I can’t say that Simplero has transformed our business and the way we do things, because it’s not been Simplero alone… it’s been Simplero and KRISTINA.

    She knows this brilliant and powerful system inside out, so that, though I understand the principles of how everything is set up, it’s Kristina who is so brilliant at setting up the detail, and at great speed too.

    This Dynamic Duo then, of Simplero and Kristina, allows me to concentrate on what I’m good at, creating content, and talking about it to the world, all the time knowing that Kristina has it sorted.

    John C. Parkin

    Best Selling Author & Relaxation Expert

  • I have used Simplero for a number of years now and have always found it to be fairly straight forward and reliable as it does everything I need it it!

    Then I started working with Kristina and realised I had only really made the most of a small part of Simplero and so it just got better. 

    Kristina has so much expertise when using Simplero that my business is now mainly automated but yet still feels like it has a wonderful personal touch.

    Sarie Taylor

    The Perfectly Imperfect Mind Mentor

  • I am always so thrilled when Kristina finds solutions to everything I need to help me move forward!

    Her knowledge of simplero is amazing!

    I am grateful and blessed to work with her

    Susie Gessey

    Spiritual Healer, Teacher & Mentor

  • Kristina has been absolutely brilliant to work with over the past year as I have set up my new business.

    She is so knowledgeable of Simplero and setting up memberships and does everything 10x faster than I could.

    She is so quick and efficient in everything she does and I’m always surprised when I get my invoice to see how little time it has taken her to achieve the long lists I give her to do.

    I absolutely love working with her and am grateful for her every day.

    Bronwyn Smith

    Connected Child

  • Kristina is a life saver! The way my business is structured means I generate a lot of content for my Moon School Members each month and keeping up with all the admin was exhausting and left me with very little time for anything else. Being able to pass my passion to someone I completely trust to love it as much as I do is priceless and I don’t know what I would do without this support. Yes, actually I do and it would probably involve some sort of breakdown! Being supported so well means I can love my business even more than before. Kristina you’re amazing!

    Sarah Cornforth

    The Magickal Creatrix

  • Kristina is, without doubt, one of the best ever VAs I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

    She is unique, (in my humble opinion), as she possesses a rare blend of efficiency, organisation, technical knowledge, and, is incredibly creative.  There is no end to her skills.  You could not ask for a better mix.  And if that is not enough, she is a totally fun, lovely person

    Having Kristina onside to grow your business is the most sound investment you will ever make.  If only we could clone that girl!!

    Tracey Baxter

  • Top Notch Service! I was referred to Kristina through my website hosting platform. I had a question that I needed help answering and also maybe also executing as I didn't feel confident in my abilities. In less than 24 hours I was taken care of and shown exactly what I could do with clear directions and additional ideas to make my work go further - saving me time and resources for my business. Thank you Kristina for your generous support, expertise and time.

    Melissa Rose

    Dance Studio Owner

  • Stop right now and hire this woman! Kristina makes my whole business world go round. She’s intuitive, creative and an amazing problem solver. I wholeheartedly recommend Kristina and her enthusiasm, dynamism and energy. She rocks!

    Hayley Gillard

    Compassionate Leaders

  • Working with Kristina has brilliant for my business and sanity. She is very professional, flexible and always willing to help even at short notice. She really worked with me to understand my business and customers to help make sure all my messaging is right. Offered great advice for systems and processes, keeping it simple and manageable for me. Great communication and knowledgeable on so many systems. She also helped with great wee videos to allow me to learn some things myself. I would highly recommend Kristina, always a pleasure to work with and an asset to my business.

    Orielle Taylor

    Orielle Taylor Coaching