Let’s Bring Those Ideas To Life!


I’m Kristina, and it is my mission to  enable YOU to share your own version of magic with the online world.

Crafting and supporting the growth of your online learning and memberships through the use of systems and processes is my THING.

What’s yours?

Do you need to clone yourself, invent a time machine or work stupidly long hours in order to be successful?

Hell No.

I support business owners to plan, build, grow and nail their online business by streamlining their processes, problem solving and using my knowledge and technical talents to bring their ideas to life.

You started your business adventure because you had a unstoppable urge to do something you loved. Somewhere along the way you realised that in order to continue your journey without losing yourself and your passion to automations, systems and the boring stuff, you either need to upskill, invent a cloning machine or ask for help.

Believe it or not, I started my businesses to save you from losing your passion for the business you’ve built.

I know how the lurkers on your to-do list can completely zap your enthusiasm for the ideas and plans you’ve breathed life in to single handedly.

I have made it my business to take those tasks off your hands, so that you can get on with the parts of business that set your soul on fire and make you smile.

I am here to put the zing back when you’re too tired, too busy or just don’t even care any more how things work, as long as they work.

The problem with a never ending to do list is it never gets done.

It will leave you working long hours, weigh you down, keep you stuck, and ultimately leave those brilliant ideas for YOUR future stuck in a dusty box on the shelf.

It is my purpose to change all of that for you.

Imagine feeling more energised and even more excited about your business again with your motivation dialled up to 100%.

I will cheer you on, lighten the load and help you create the time and the space to take your business to the next level (and the level after that!), so you can thrive and continue to grow your dream business.




Simply put, an automation is an action that is taken based on what someone has selected or requested. It’s something that happens without you having to lift a finger (once it’s all set up in your systems, of course!). Let’s talk automations!



Absolutely nothing to do with nature, and everything to do with creating a course or learning opportunity which can be sold time and time again, without any additional input from you. Let’s talk Evergreen…

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