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Lead magnets. Landing Pages. Funnels.  Automations. Dripfeeds. Evergreen. List Building… What do these all mean, and why do you need to know all about them to start creating a successful business online?

Until I started my business, I thought a funnel was just a plastic implement designed to get a substance from one vessel to another without spillage.  Evergreen is a type of tree that keeps its leaves all year long and list building is what I did when I scribbled multiple lists in preparation for going on holiday. But if you hear these words and phrases being batted around online by the “experts” and you haven’t the foggiest if your funnel is automated, or if your lead magnet converts, or what even is a landing page, I’ve got you covered – no more nodding along pretending you understand.

You’ll be talking the talk in no time, and not only that, you’ll have a solid idea of what these terms mean and how to make sure you’re rocking every one in your business!

Let's discover...


Absolutely nothing to do with nature, and everything to do with creating a course or learning opportunity which can be sold time and time again, without any additional input from you.

Have you ever bought a course which you work through in your own time, unsupported by the provider - everything you need is right there in front of you and you just crack on until you're finished? THAT'S an evergreen course. 

The provider has spent loads of time and effort building it in such a way that it can run itself once prepared. They don't need to hold your hand through it, or fit in one to one time with you because they've already given you everything you need to learn and complete the course in your own time.

Evergreen courses are brilliant because they free your time up to work on other things. 

Have you got an idea for a course that can be run anytime anywhere? Go nail that evergreen course - you can literally make money while you sleep!    

Here are some ideas that will help you with your evergreen course:

Variety – deliver your course using a variety of methods to keep it interesting for your students. Creating a mix of video, audio and reading materials is a fantastic way to deliver an evergreen course.

Bitesize - short, sharp videos, where possible shorter than 15 minutes.  Remember your students are busy people too, long pieces of content will put them off getting stuck in.

Map it out – make sure you deliver your content in an order that actually makes sense to your students! Look at it from their eyes.

Test it – get a few people to test out your new evergreen course in return for feedback and testimonials, this will allow you to make any tweaks you hadn't thought of and also have (hopefully!) positive feedback you can share as pat of your marketing.

Remember, evergreen means people can work through it in their own time, but they may still have questions for you - be sure to manage their expectations and make sure they have a way they can ask for support in a way that works for you. 


My ultimate recommendation for creating courses and membership sites that are easy to automate and make evergreen is always Simplero. I've helped so many clients create beautifully automated evergreen courses in Simplero and I'm yet to find a system which can simplify the process any further.  

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