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Lead magnets. Landing Pages. Funnels.  Automations. Dripfeeds. Evergreen. List Building… What do these all mean, and why do you need to know all about them to start creating a successful business online?

Until I started my business, I thought a funnel was just a plastic implement designed to get a substance from one vessel to another without spillage.  Evergreen is a type of tree that keeps its leaves all year long and list building is what I did when I scribbled multiple lists in preparation for going on holiday. But if you hear these words and phrases being batted around online by the “experts” and you haven’t the foggiest if your funnel is automated, or if your lead magnet converts, or what even is a landing page, I’ve got you covered – no more nodding along pretending you understand.

You’ll be talking the talk in no time, and not only that, you’ll have a solid idea of what these terms mean and how to make sure you’re rocking every one in your business!

Let's discover...


List building is pretty much what it says on the tin... you may hear the term "grow your list" used frequently in digital marketing and if you don't yet have a list, this might be something which makes you feel less than awesome if you're not already doing it - but don't worry, you're still awesome, and now might be just the right time to start thinking about doing a little List Building yourself!

The elusive "list" they're referring to is of course your email list. 

A list of your crowds’ email addresses that they've given you with their consent for you to email them as part of your marketing plan.

You might use your email list to send regular newsletters to, to keep your crowd up to speed on all the awesome things you've been working on for them lately. 

You might use your list to increase sales to a specific product or service, or you might use your email list to engage with them and ask them what else they'd like to receive from you.

Your crowd make their way on to your email list via your Lead Magnets, or a general "sign up to my newsletter HERE" link (which you share the crap out of on your social media and everywhere you know your people hang out).

Treasure those people on your email list - it is an important part of your funnel and those precious people may one day become your customers!

List building is simply the process of creating an email list, and growing it!    

Here are some ideas that will help you with list building:

The Name – asking someone to join your Newsletter list sounds a bit meh... I quite like "Come and be part of my email community" - keep it light and make your list seem somewhere they want to be!

Value -  Short, snappy emails which hold some value in them is most likely what your customers want. Value their time - don't make them read for hours just to get to the one thing you really wanted to share with them - they're busy people too!

Spam – don't do it! simples.

Ask for feedback – when you're emailing your list, leave the door open for them to "hit reply" and let you know their thoughts on what you've sent, or ask any questions they might have. Engage with them!

Remember, there are so many ways you can make the most of your email list.  Use it!


My go-to platform if you're in the early stages of setting up your email list is Simplero. You can start off on their smallest package, begin list building and even create your website and first online course! Once you're ready to level up and begin creating funky funnels and automations, my ultimate recommendation for creating a smooth and clunk-free customer journey is always Simplero’s Scale Plan!  

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