Lead magnets. Landing Pages. Funnels.  Automations. Dripfeeds. Evergreen. List Building… What do these all mean, and why do you need to know all about them to start creating a successful business online?

Until I started my business, I thought a funnel was just a plastic implement designed to get a substance from one vessel to another without spillage.  Evergreen is a type of tree that keeps its leaves all year long and list building is what I did when I scribbled multiple lists in preparation for going on holiday. But if you hear these words and phrases being batted around online by the “experts” and you haven’t the foggiest if your funnel is automated, or if your lead magnet converts, or what even is a landing page, I’ve got you covered – no more nodding along pretending you understand.

You’ll be talking the talk in no time, and not only that, you’ll have a solid idea of what these terms mean and how to make sure you’re rocking every one in your business!

Let's discover...


It's not made of plastic but the concept is similar to the type of funnel you're thinking of right now!

Think of your sales funnel as the journey you take your crowd on from the moment they discover you, to the moment they complete their purchase from you and become a paying customer. The first action you're usually going to ask someone to take when they discover you, is to like your social media pages and/or to sign up to your Lead Magnet (click the link if those two little words just threw a spanner in the works!). 

From there you might start sending them regular newsletters telling them more about you, and how your products or services can help them, and from there, you're going to show them exactly which products or services they need from you right now and show them how to purchase. There will be many starting point and journeys for your crowd, but the ultimate destination is always the same - becoming a paying customer. Have a think about where your customers might discover you for the first time.

Is it your website? Is it your Facebook page? Insta perhaps? 

How do they then come to learn more about what you can do for them, and ultimately, how do you then encourage them to buy? You can literally spend thousands of pounds online quite easily learning the "art of the sales funnel" from the thousands of different teachers out there who claim to have it nailed (you know the ones, they tell you they've created a six figure business using "this one technique" that they're going to share with you, yadayada), but your crowd will become your customers when the journey you take them on is valuable to them, and shows them the positive impact your product or service can have on their life.

So there you have it, your sales funnel is the journey you take your crowd on so that they become your customer (and to be honest, I far prefer the term customer journey to funnel, funnel just sounds a bit meh.)    

Here are some ideas that will help you with your customer journey:

Lead magnet– create a great lead magnet which encourages people on to your email list. Just don't give it all away for free or they won't need to become your customer, and remember to ALWAYS FOLLOW UP!

Stay Visible - Tell your crowd frequently how you can help them - don't assume they know!

Create incentives – use Early Bird Offers (e.g. if they sign up straight away for your new course, they'll get a discount!), perks for referring a friend etc.

Social Proof – use testimonials and share stories from others who have already bought from you to show what a great investment your product or service is.

Make it easy - don't make your crowd work to buy from you - make your products and services easy for them to find on your website and on your social media!

Remember, there will be more than one path your crowd might choose to take to eventually becoming your customer - make sure they're all as bump-free and easy to follow as possible. 


Building smooth customer journeys require great, pain-free systems. If you sell online courses and memberships, my ultimate recommendation for creating a smooth and clunk-free customer journey is always Simplero, but there are others available.

Feel free to contact me to find out what system I'd recommend for you!  

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