Should I Start A Podcast For My Business?


If you love to talk, then why not!?

If you know your crowd loves to listen to podcasts (ask them!) then there’s no reason you shouldn’t get in on the podcasting action too!

Here are a few reasons why you should give Podcasting a whirl…

Build Your Know/Like/Trust Factor with your Audience 

Just like a your blog, your videos, your social media posts – a podcast is another way for you to engage with your crowd and let them get to know you a little better.  Your podcast will be a way for people to learn from you and get to know you while they’re on the move – perfect for your crowd while they’re on the dog walk or in the car! It’s a really convenient way for your crowd to consume your content, and it’s more personal too, since they can hear your voice!

Grow your audience 

If you plan to do guest interviews and the like, you’ll grow your audience by reaching their audiences too when you interview them.  Sharing your podcast in apps such as Spotify and iTunes can also help to grow your audience when you start appearing in listeners searches! 

It doesn't need to be expensive! 

You don’t need much to get started with a podcast. I’d recommend a good microphone which you can easily find online.  You’ll need some software to record to (I recommend Audacity to my clients) and you need somewhere to host (Buzzsprout is a popular one that most of my clients use). 

Be The Expert 

So we already know you’re an expert in your field (of course we do!), but do your crowd?  Having a podcast is another way for you to share your knowledge with them and establish yourself as the expert in your chosen area, and stay at the forefront of their minds. 

Another platform to promote your services 

YES! Another way to get your products and services out there in to the world – what’s not to love about that!  

Some things to think about:

Plan your episodes in advance to give them a little structure to help avoid the waffle (I’m a waffler!).

You can get an intro/outro for your podcast for fairly cheap which you add to the start and end of each episode – check out places like Fiverr for this.

As of January 2020, there were over 30 MILLION podcast episodes live in the world, people are podcasting all over the place (thanks Podcasting Insights for that stat!), which means people are LISTENING too - get your voice heard!

It doesn’t have to be time consuming and a lot of work - lots of my clients have their own podcasts, and all they have to do is talk to their microphone for 15-30 minutes.  Once they’ve done that? They hand the audio file to me and I do the rest!

Make the most of your show notes! These help identify you when people are searching for podcasts to learn from - these are prime real estate and not to be skipped-over lightly!

Do you have a podcast? Let me know in the comments - I’d love to listen in!

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