friends or clients

Friends or Clients?

Do you have a 'business bestie' or keep things totally professional? What works for you in your business doesn't work for everyone - find your perfect balance by being yourself and attracting the right people in to your business.

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held hostage by tech

Held Hostage By Tech?

Kristina Smith VBS promise to leave a lasting impression of joy, success, and humour on our clients. We simplify processes, make it easy to grow, and ensure that our clients' systems are built to enhance the growth adventure. We never hold clients hostage with their online tech! Here's why...

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An automation is an action that is taken based on what someone has selected or requested. It's something that happens without you having to lift a finger (once it's all set up in your systems, of course!) - read on to find out how to make automations work for you!

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Evergreen Content Blog Image


What does Evergreen mean? What makes a course an Evergreen Course, and what are the benefits of an evergreen course? Find all the answers in this episode of Kristina Smith's WTF Are They Talking About? Series.

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