According to, the definition of Productivity is the quality, state, or fact of being able to generate, create, enhance, or bring forth goods and services.

So what can you do to improve on your productivity, short of chaining yourself to your desk?

Here are a ten EASY things you can implement to make your working day a more productive one.

Tame your Calendar!

Block out time for tasks. Take five minutes at the start of each day, and make a plan. Start with appointments, then fit in tasks you know you need to do at certain times, add in blocks of time for things like lunch breaks (you need to eat – take a break!) and other tasks that may not be time specific but still need doing. If there’s something you’ve been putting off doing, get that scheduled in early – knuckle down and do it, then the rest of your day will seem like a breeze! I use Google Calendar for this, and if it’s not in there, there’s a good chance it won’t get done and will come back to haunt me.

Turn off Notifications on your phone.

Notifications on your phone can de-rail your focus with one single “ping”. Turn off notification from your messages, e-mails, social media etc until a specific time when you can check back in with the world. Better still, use Flight Mode. You don’t have to respond to everything straight away – most people can wait an hour or two for a reply when you’re in the zone!

Stop faffing on time-thieving websites!

It happens to us all, we sit down at our computers with the greatest intentions of being productive, but first things first, a quick look on Google for the name of the actress in that film we watched last night, a sneak-peak at a spoiler for the latest series you’re watching on Netflix (or is that just me!?), a quick scroll on Facebook, and maybe just a quick look at Twitter, and the news, and don’t forget the weather forecast for next week because we definitely need to know that right now…

There’s actually an app for that!

In fact there are loads. A quick search for Productivity Tools in Chrome Extensions brought up several extensions which limit your time on time-thieving websites and ensure you don’t have the chance to procrastinate online.

Get to grips with your Keyboard!

There are hundreds of keyboard shortcuts that can save you heaps of time! I share them on my Facebook page from time to time – stay tuned to learn more!


Unsubscribe from the e-mails you never read in your inbox. All they’re doing is wasting your time.

The same can be said for any groups that you’re in on Social Media. If the purpose and content of the e-mail, group, or page no longer serves you, get rid! Be ruthless!

Take breaks!

Referring back to number 1 here, schedule yourself some breaks! But equally as important, if you find you’re sitting at your desk, staring in to space and getting nowhere, take five and go for a walk! Get away from it, clear yourself some headspace, do something different until you find the focus you need to get on with the task.

Stop multitasking.

Some are better at multitasking than others. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Focus is the name of the game when it comes to productivity, and you can’t be productive if you’re trying to split your focus between five different things. Give your full attention to one task at a time, instead of spreading yourself too thin and having 5 uncompleted tasks taking up room in your brain.

Brain Dump.

It’s a real thing. Get everything out of your head and on to a piece of paper. It gives you the brain-space you need to think about other things, whilst safe in the knowledge that you have it all written down to come back to later when you need to. I do a love a good brain dump!


This works for me every time!  Set yourself a goal, and once you’ve reached that, treat yourself. Whether that be “I can only have that last Kit-Kat once I’ve finished this document”, or “If I get this finished this morning, I’m going to have my favourite lunch today” – you get the idea. Self-Bribery works best for me when it’s food orientated 😉

Learn when to delegate and outsource.

You’re one person. You don’t have to do it all! Free up some of your time by delegating and outsourcing.

What could you achieve in your business if you didn’t have to do everything by yourself?! Just saying.