Lead magnets. Landing Pages. Funnels.  Automations. Dripfeeds. Evergreen. List Building… What do these all mean, and why do you need to know all about them to start creating a successful business online?

Until I started my business, I thought a funnel was just a plastic implement designed to get a substance from one vessel to another without spillage.  Evergreen is a type of tree that keeps its leaves all year long and list building is what I did when I scribbled multiple lists in preparation for going on holiday.

But if you hear these words and phrases being batted around online by the “experts” and you haven’t the foggiest if your funnel is automated, or if your lead magnet converts, or what even is a landing page, I’ve got you covered – no more nodding along pretending you understand. You’ll be talking the talk in no time, and not only that, you’ll have a solid idea of what these terms mean and how to make sure you’re rocking every one in your business!

Let’s discover…


Also known as a freebie or list builder, your lead magnet is an item or service you give away, usually in exchange for someone’s email address so you can market to them futher via email.

Generally recognised as an ebook, video, audio file, webinar, master class or voucher code, your lead magnet is something of value to your crowd which you create, giving them enough to leave them knowing they want more – which may lead them to ultimately purchase from you! Result!

Your lead magnet should be full of value and pack a punch, without giving everything away – finding balance is key.  Give everything away for free and they’ll have no need to come back to purchase from you. Don’t give enough away and they won’t get the value from it to know they LOVE what you do and need more!

Usually the first step in your funnel, it is a free resource which encourages potential customers to enter their email address (subscribe!) in order to get something for free and with the right wording (think GDPR) on your sign up form, you can then go on to email your subscribers on a regular basis with your latest news, offers, or market a particular item, thus keeping you and your services fresh in their minds and helping them get to know who you are and how your product or service can help them. This in turn allows them to love and trust you enough to buy from.

Think of all the times you’ve entered your email address to get something for free in return, either from a post you’ve seen on social media, or from browsing someone’s website and a pop up appears offering you 15% off your first order if you enter your email address, or a free meditation delivered to your inbox for the small fee of subscribing to their newsletter. Those are Lead magnets!

So there you have it, lead magnets, or freebies, are not so scary and complicated now, and now you can get to thinking about what your own lead magnet(s) are going to be, so that you can crack on with List building!

My toppest of top tips here to make your lead magnets really work for you – ALWAYS FOLLOW UP!



Here are some ideas that work great as lead magnets if you’re just getting started:

Ebook – create a short book or guide which will help your crowd – perhaps cover the basics of a particular service you provide, or show them a handy way to get started with something you teach.

Audio file – share a short and powerful meditation with your crowd in exchange for their email address – if they love your meditation, they’ll come back for more!

Voucher code – create a discount available to anyone who provides you with their email address, getting them on to your list and giving them a little thank you in return which they can then use to help them make their first purchase from you!

Video – record a tutorial showing how to get started with something you are the expert in, and invite them to find out how to learn more from you by leading them towards a service or product.

Master Class or Webinar – create an online master class or webinar where you can share information with your interested crowd for free, and then encourage them to sign up to your full course at the end.

There are many more ways you can create a valuable lead magnet and the type which works best for you will be dependant on the type of product or service you provide.


If you’re going to create a lead magnet, you gotta have a way of getting your free resource to your potential customer!

Here are a few of the systems I use with my clients to create their lead magnets and collect emails in return:

Canva – an awesome tool for creating beautiful, branded ebooks, images and even simple videos.

Mailchimp – an email marketing platform which allows you to collect email addresses, and automatically send out your lead magnet in return. Mailchimp is a great place to get started with your list building for free.

Simplero – for when you’re ready to level up and have lead magnets and funnels built, taking your customers all the way to investing in learning from you in the form of a course or membership.

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