Simplero Order Form - Introducing the New (Improved?) Form!

Simplero With Kristina

The New Simplero Order form and Checkout Experience… Have you seen it it?

Get your first look here!

(Watch Time: Under 5 minutes)

Currently - as of March 2023, you can turn this update on and off in your Simplero Labs (Look for the settings cog near the top right of your Simplero Dashboard screen and navigate to Simplero Labs under Account Settings), but soon, this is a feature that will roll out to all Simplero accounts, in preparation for the highly anticipated “Shopping Cart” feature.

Drop me a comment below to let me know your pros and cons to what will soon be the new way for your customers to check out when they’re making a purchase from you!

Who Has Access To This Feature?

All Simplero Account Levels

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Simplero with Kristina


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Fuelled by lemons, sunshine and a terrible sense of humour, Kristina is a lover of all things Simplero, systems and tech. She spends her days helping business owners build, nourish and grow their online communities and memberships using her not-so-secret weapon - the all-in-one platform Simplero.

Kristina's support allows her clients to spend more time doing their thing, creating an income and serving their crowds, and less time losing their zing in the dull, behind the scenes stuff that is required to run a business online.

An intuitive wing-woman, sounding board and loudest cheerleader for her clients, Kristina’s proactive approach and enthusiasm is infectious and makes the leap to outsourcing and growing your team feel effortless.

Refreshing, zingy and makes online business easy-peasy lemon-squeezy for the non-square business owner.