Got an automation that’s driving you crazy?


Haven’t got the time to set up that new “time saving” system in your business you’ve invested in?


Threatening to do physical harm to your computer?!


Need something done quickly to help you launch a new product but don’t know where to start?


New to a system and haven’t a clue where to even begin?


Wish someone would just take your hand and show you what to do with out the faff?



With my Tame the Tech packages,  I am here to tackle that task for you that’s been keeping you stuck for too long. And what’s more, I’ll record you a tutorial in your own system to use as a reference guide so you can DIY it confidently next time!

This is exactly what you need if:

You’ve invested in some new software for your business but don’t have a clue where to start;

You have the time but not the know how;

You’ve wasted hours trying to do something and have lost the will to go any further with it;

You’ve spend days trawling YouTube and the internet for How To guides but can’t find any that relate specifically to the thing you need solved, or they’re too generic to apply to your individual needs;

We specialise in Simplero, WordPress and multiple email marketing systems.


With this package, you’ll get direct access to my knowledge as I tame the tech that’s keeping you stuck and teach you how to keep it under control from hereonin.  We’ll have a quick chat about what it is you need sorted, I’ll go and do the sorting and record a video as I do, explaining what I’m doing as I go so that next time you’ve got it under control and can confidently carry out that task yourself using a tutorial video which has been created in your very own system. No more wasting hours online trying to find the right tutorial video for you!


20 minute it “Tame It” call to identify the issues you’re having;

Up to 60 Minutes of our time spent solving it/setting it up/making it work!

A personalised tutorial video recorded in YOUR system for you to download and keep, and refer back to carry out the task yourself next time with confidence.

All for just £197.00

To find out more, ask a question or get your space booked in my diary, hit the button below!