Which Simplero Plan is Right For Me?

Which Plan Do I choose

Which is the right Simplero plan for me?

This is a question I get asked ALL. THE. TIME. Not just by business owners thinking of moving/starting their business using the all-in-one platform Simplero, but by existing clients who aren’t sure if they’re on the right plan to get the most from their subscription.

Here’s a breakdown to help you decide which plan you need, to make the most of your online business on Simplero.

The Starter Plan (Currently $70.80 p/m when paying monthly or get 2 months free on the annual plan)

This plan is great for when you’re new to online business and are ready to increase your online presence.

On this plan, you can:

⭐ build a fully functioning, unlimited website (no other hidden fees - your hosting and SSL are taken care of here. I’ve saved myself and my clients £40+ per month alone by moving our websites in to Simplero). If you don’t have a website yet, or you’re paying for a website elsewhere and are considering Simplero for it’s other features, moving your website in to Simplero is a no-brainer.

⭐Start growing your email list. It’s what everyone talks about when you start an online business, and with good reason. An email list is THE best place to connect with your potential customers and show them the great products you have available for them. Even if you don’t have anything ready to buy yet, you can start to communicate with, and build up, a list of fans ready to become your best customers when you’ve got something for sale.

⭐Start selling! You can have up to five “products” for sale on your Starter plan in Simplero. That’s five ways to start making money from your Simplero account so that it starts to pay for itself. This can be online courses, events, digital products… some people even sell physical products from their Simplero accounts (though this isn’t what Simplero was built for, but with workarounds, it’s do-able - drop me an email if you want to find out more about this!).

⭐Alongside your five “products”, you can also have five “courses” available. These don’t have to correspond directly to the products for sale, but this gives you a fabulous place to start if online courses are what you’re here to do, and you can start selling them as soon as you’re ready!

⭐You have one Membership Site (think of this as a “house” for your online products) - ideal for creating an evergreen library of your courses/content, OR, a membership site if you’re running a subscription digital product.

⭐A scheduler. Somewhere for prospective clients or existing clients to “book” in to a session in your diary, where you can manage and display your availability. There’s only room for one “scheduler” user on the starter account, but if you’re a team of one, this is not a problem! Link it up with your Zoom account for the full experience! Commonly used for Discovery Calls, or one-to-one sessions with clients.

This plan covers a lot, and allows you to have decent storage space for your online content, and up to 500 contacts on your account.

It’s a great place to get started, and if you’re new to business or considering starting an online business, I’d highly recommend getting started in Simplero. Invest in your future business and save yourself the hassle of having to move systems later when your business grows bigger.

Plant your business seed in Simplero and watch it grow 🌱

New to Simplero? Get a 45 Day FREE Trial on the Starter Plan here with me, and claim a 60 minute free session with me to help you set up you Simplero account for Success!

The Scale Plan (Currently $178.80 p/m when paying monthly or get 2 months free on the annual plan)

This plan gives you everything above and more! This is the plan most of my clients are on, and is the plan I recommend established businesses join the Simplero/KSVBS family on.

On this plan, you have access to unlimited products, courses and up to 1000 contacts.

You’ll also get:

⭐Unlimited Membership Sites. This is great if you run evergreen courses, as well as a subscription/membership product. You can also add in additional websites if you have multiple branches to your business/brand. A Membership Site in Simplero terms is basically just a locked website where you can “host” your online content. Having access to unlimited sites means you can unlock the options available to you for housing your content in easier ways to set up for you, and smoother ways to navigate for your customers.

⭐Automations. Oh YES. This is where the Simplero power starts to shine. You can automate the sh*t out of your stuff. Create beautiful, complex “funnels” to take your customers through various journeys, and have things happen for you while you sleep.

⭐Upsells/Order Bumps. Make even more sales on your products by utilising Simplero’s powerful upsell/order bump features on the Scale Plan.

Here’s a few more reasons to dive in to the Scale Plan:

⭐Present your users with a certificate when they complete an online course

⭐Create yourself a helpdesk to make it easier for your users to get your support

⭐set up an affiliate programme, so your biggest fans can earn commissions when they spread the good word about your products and increase your sales

⭐Create more users on your Scheduler, so customers can book calls directly with other members of your team (up to 3 members)

This is where the growth happens in your business!

New to Simplero? Get a 45 Day FREE Trial on the Scale Plan here with me, and claim a 60 minute free session with me to help you set up you Simplero account for Success!

The Skyrocket Plan (Currently $298.80 p/m when paying monthly or get 2 months free on the annual plan)

I’ll be honest, the scale plan above will last you for a long way in your business. But there are a couple of reasons I’ll recommend the Skyrocket plan to my clients or well-established businesses looking to make the move to Simplero.

The main two are these:

⭐Transcription abilities. Add searchable transcriptions to your videos and audios. Fairly accurate and getting better all the time, taking your transcription in-house has been a great move for some of my clients. It makes for much easier navigation and more powerful search options for their users, and a far better experience all round.

⭐Pipelines. These are new to Simplero and pretty powerful when you’re selling high-ticket offerings. These can help you track and automate the steps between Sales Calls Booked, to client-won. Not everyone will need this feature, but for those that do, it’s worth the upgrade.

You’ll also get:

⭐More customised payment options

⭐Split testing facilities

⭐The options to customise admin user roles beyond what’s available already on the Scale plan.

Not everyone will need or want this plan, but for those who do, it’s got everything you need to take you to six/seven figures.

New to Simplero? Get a 45 Day FREE Trial on the Skyrocket Plan here with me, and claim a 60 minute free session with me to help you set up you Simplero account for Success!

Got a question about which plan is better for you? Get a personalised response tailored to your needs by commenting below or dropping me an email at hello@kristinasmithvbs.com!

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