Why Aren't My Lead Magnets Converting?


HELP - My Lead Magnet Isn’t Creating Leads!

You’ve spent precious time and effort creating a value packed free resource, you’ve published it, created a sign up link… now what? Why isn’t it flying off the virtual shelves?!

It’s time to take it back to the beginning and discover the true purpose of your shiny new lead magnet… 

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Remember when it suddenly hit you – the best idea ever for something free that you know your crowd will jump at the chance to get their hands on?

While you were putting it together, did you stop to think about how it fits in to the bigger picture of your business? How it would lead seamlessly in to the next step of your customer journey? Where it would have the biggest impact in your funnel?

One of the things I see most often when I’m pulling apart customer journeys for clients is a shiny, genius free resource, without a huge amount of planning as to how it fits in to the bigger picture.  Sharing free content with your crowd is fantastic – you get to showcase your talents and value, they get to know how great you are and all going well, they will eventually go on to become your customers.  But if you haven’t given much thought to HOW to move them from free resource to paid product, you’re going to lose them somewhere in the middle.

So here are some things to really think about and dig deep on when you’re planning your next freebie (or go back and give some thought to for your existing giveaways!):


It may well be full of value and an amazing free resource, but what is it’s purpose? Really dig deep on that one!


Is your freebie something you should be releasing in the run up to launching a paid product, rather than being accessible all year round? If your free product lends itself really well to a subscription, membership or product that you only sell a few times a year, then your freebie (perhaps a mastermind, challenge or workshop!) should ideally be run in adjacent intervals prior to opening the doors to your subscription group.

Follow up

What happens when someone signs up to receive your freebie? Is that it? Do they receive any follow up emails from you telling them what else they can buy from you if they found the freebie helpful? Does your “nurture sequence” keep them interested? Do you have a special offer to follow up with, one they can’t refuse!?

Social Proof

Does the landing page your freebie sits on tell people how awesome others thought it was? Share the feedback you’ve received from others who have already benefitted from it (hint, if you haven’t got any yet, share it personally with people you know and ask them for their feedback – people are generally happy to help!).

I’d love to hear more about your freebie and if you found this article helpful!

Feel free to drop me a link in the comments to what you’ve got on offer right now so I can take a peek!

Kristina x

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