I hear you! You’ve got the content, you’ve got the confidence, you’ve got the course!!

And now you are ready to get that course you’ve lovingly created out there in to the world so your students can come running!

How you run your online course will depend on your budget and technical ability.  


Here’s MY list platforms to help you get your course online and start earning:

Facebook Groups

Great if you’re on a tight budget, using the learning units function in a Facebook group is a great FREE way to host your learning content!

A really sound first place to begin providing online learning to your crowd. Also fantastic because your crowd are likely to already be familiar with Facebook – there are no more passwords to remember, it’s easy for students to dip in and out of and you can even go live in the group to hold training sessions and Q&A’s – awesome for connecting with your students and showing them how committed you are to their learning journey with you.


Using an e-mail marketing system, such as Mailchimp  is another way you can get your learning content out for your crowd.  If you have an “evergreen” course (one that can run anytime, rather than a set start date and end date), you can set up an e-mail automation series to fire off your content at regular intervals based on when your student signed up.  Your content lands on their inbox and they can work through it in their own time, and they can hit reply if they have any questions.


Got a WordPress website? You can host a membership learning area in there!!!  Using a plug in such as Learnpress, Memberpress or Wishlist member, you can build private pages which hold your content within your website and only students with a password can access. 


Built for this exact purpose, using an online learning platform is the best all-rounder for building an online course.  A little pricier, but they’ll do exactly what you need them to do.  There are loads out there on the market that can integrate with your e-mail systems to tie everything together such as Thinkific and Teachable, but my ultimate favourite is Simplero – an investment in Simplero knocks out the need for you to have external e-mail marketing accounts, tricky integrations and multiple systems all working together. It does everything you  need and more and it’s one of my favourite places to hang out in my working time!

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