Do you love your business but know you can still do so much more if only you had the time?

Do you have an ever growing community and wish you had a skilled team by your side?

Does having someone with experience and enthusiasm on your team to support you in all things online technology and community support sound like the answer to all your time and tech problems?

It’s time to ask for help.


I’m Kristina, and I’m here to support business owners like you to overcome the hurdles of going it alone.


I’m here to help you bring those ideas to life.


The only thing you need to know is you don’t have to do it all alone! As CEO of your business, you absolutely shouldn’t!

Every idea that you don’t have time to breathe life in to is halting your growth and preventing the world from experiencing your gift.

We are the champions of your unique gift, and we want to help you share that with the world.

My team and I are here for you, and we know our stuff.

We do things quickly, efficiently and feel genuine joy while while we’re at it. We’re strange like that.

We bring you a “Team In A Box” – a passionate bunch of specialists with different skills, together we take care of much, or as little, as you need us to.



Our expertise and passion lies in Online Learning Platforms and Memberships (Simplero is my personal zone of genius!), WordPress Websites, Content Design and Creation, Podcasting, E-mail Marketing, Streamlining Processes, Identifying Problems, Finding Creative Solutions and getting EVERY element of your business running smoothly online to give you the space you need to crack on with the brilliant ideas and big plans that have been hiding under those tasks that are keeping you stuck.


What would you do if you had more time and energy to spend on  your business?


Kristina says “I’ve worked in over 90 businesses since my freelance journey began in 2016, and whilst every business is unique and different in their own ways, the tech remains more or less the same. This experience means I can work quickly, expertly and efficiently to give you back YOUR time to focus on more of the things you love and less of the things that drain your time and energy. THIS IS MY PASSION. My business has grown to include a FANTASTIC team who bring even more experience and expertise and allow me to reach and support even more business owners in need of that shiny light which brings them support and relief in equal measures.”



I promise you’re in safe hands. we care about the businesses we support, as if they were our own and working with us will allow you to have all the time you need to do the things you want to do. You will receive your own dedicated Virtual Assistant who will be selected to work with you based on their skill set and personality to ensure the best fit for your business. Kristina has 90 business’s worth of experience in getting the “right fit”!



If you’re looking for support with an upcoming project, or toying with the idea of bringing someone in to the fold on a more regular basis, this is where you need to start!


Got a specific piece of tech that’s driving you wild? If you’re not ready to commit to “we” but need help before you throw your computer out the window, this is for you!

“Kristina has been absolutely brilliant to work with over the past year as I have set up my new business.

She is so knowledgeable of Simplero and setting up memberships and does everything 10x faster than I could.

She is so quick and efficient in everything she does and I’m always surprised when I get my invoice to see how little time it has taken her to achieve the long lists I give her to do.

I absolutely love working with her and am grateful for her every day.”

– Bronwyn Smith, Connected & Curious

Time is precious,

start making the most of it.