Let me set the scene – you are a business owner, you’ve been running yourself ragged juggling life and business for the last couple of years since you decided to bite the bullet and take the leap.

You’re now at a stage that you’re wishing you had an extra pair of hands, eyes and ears in your business to provide you with a bit of time-relief and back up.

You’ve been googling the sh*t out of collaborating with a someone who can help you in your business and you don’t really know where to start. Outsourcing seems SO expensive – can you really afford to pay someone £25-35 per hour to do your admin!? I mean, jeez, that’s pretty extreme is it not?!

Let me ask you something.

How much do you cost yourself to do your admin??



Think about it like this….

Say your behind the scenes admin, social media, document creation, course maintenance, e-mail management, system set up, recurring tasks take up 10 hours of your time each month.

How many products could you have produced and sold if you had an extra ten hours to increase your orders and sales? How much money could you have made in your business if you had those ten hours to focus on income generating tasks?

Let me give you an example. If you charge your time out at £40 per hour – that’s £400 per month you are missing out on. That’s £400 you’re effectively costing YOURSELF in your business by doing your own tasks, when you could be focusing on MAKING it instead of losing it.

THAT’S how much you’re costing yourself to do your own admin.

When you sit down to do those routine tasks on your to do list, does your mind wander to what you would rather be doing?

If you don’t love doing those tasks, there’s a good chance you’re not approaching them with the same enthusiasm and energy that you would those tasks that you do love to do – so they’re going to take you longer, you’ll get distracted more easily and waste even MORE of your valuable time.

Is the admin behind the scenes of your business REALLY why you took the leap in to self employment??**

Now think about how much outsourcing will really “cost” you… You might just find it’s more viable than you first thought!

**for me – the answer to this question is actually YES! But I’m weird like that.

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More about Kristina

Kristina is a lover of all things online tech and spends her days supporting small businesses, allowing them to spend more time doing their thing, creating an income and serving their crowds, and less time losing their zing in the dull, behind the scenes stuff that is necessary to running an online business. An intuitive wing-woman and sounding board for her clients, Kristina’s proactive approach and enthusiasm is infectious and makes the leap to outsourcing feel effortless.