These are just some of the businesses I am proud to personally recommend on a regular basis to clients and other business owners who need a little help and support in the areas that I don’t cover! (this is an ever-evolving list, so do check back if the service you are looking for isn’t covered here!).

These are businesses or services that, to my mind, provide excellent value as well as excellent quality, their customer service is bang on and the work they do leaves you feeling ready and empowered, and I am proud to call them Friends of KSVBS.



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Vicki is a branding, graphics and marketing girl – she’s way more than a designer. She brands and delivers. She’s a realistic brand visionary and keeps it real when it comes to branding – her whole belief revolves around being yourself in your brand and having a brand that truly reflects you inside and out. She also has the unique ability to find that inner unique youness in your brand.

Vicki works from her home office in Scotland, Fife where she spends her days designing, connecting and having some of the best laughs with simply fabulous online entrepreneurs from all over the world. When Vicki isn’t shopping for yet another slogan, sparkly jumper or floral patterned shirt, she’s spending her days with her son AJ and hubby, Paul, building copious amounts of Lego kits.

Vicki is also the creative genius that put together up my branding, and I cannot recommend her enough!



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Emma Holmes is a Transformer (not in the robots in disguise kinda way). She specialises in entrepreneur centric evolution and change. Emma’s role is to help you to powerfully harness your catalyst for change, allowing you to be an active participant in your life, your business, your health & wellness and all things that matter to you. She helps you to identify and navigate the changes that you need to make and strategise their implementation. From the inside out. Emma is passionate about the entrepreneur having a central role within their business AND making sure that it’s sustainable. There’s far too much burn out, distress and self limiting/sacrifice that is actively encouraged the world of entrepreneurship and it doesn’t need to be that way. The entrepreneur, the whole person, is central to the businesses success and she ensures that entrepreneurs go from ok (or less than ok) to EPIC! You are the heart of that business and Emma’s role is to make sure that that heart is in perfect working order in all ways!

Emma taught me one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned in business – it’s ok to be me, and my business has been soaring ever since!



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Beckie works with heart-centred, ambitious entrepreneurs to help them embrace social media to build the business of their dreams in a way that feels totally soulful and utterly enjoyable.

If you are fed up of getting lack-lustre results from your social media marketing and you’re sick of seeing your feed and your inbox filled with people sharing strategies that feel forced and uncomfortable then Beckie is your girl! She’s been working in digital marketing and putting social media to use for businesses for over a decade and has been building her own business online since 2014, so you can trust that everything she teaches is based on years of experience and a whole lot of hard work.


Beckie’s book, The Big Book Of Hashtags, is particularly helpful for those of us that get easily lost down the rabbit hole of Instagram hashtags! >>VIEW HERE<<



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Sarah is the chief writer at the word emporium. She works with busy business owners who need a helping hand with their words or who need some inspiration to connect with their clients and customers.

Whether it’s social media posts, blogs, your website or emails – in fact if it has words then she can take it off your hands and write it for you (so that it sounds like you wrote it), so you can get on with the bits of your business that sets your soul on fire.  

Sarah was one of the first people I dabbled with outsourcing to, and she made it an absolute breeze and made me see that asking for help is actually empowering, not a weakness!


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Allison specialises in helping small online businesses scale and improve their sales online, grow audiences, nurture fans and generate leads.

With a strong focus on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, email and social media marketing, Allison is an Ads specialist, online business pro and a tech untangler, helping you get smarter in how you reach your audience online.

Away from the office, Allison has been running her online business since 2014 from home in the gorgeous Shetland Islands, married to Gary with 3 kids, 2 cats and a horse. She loves that balance of focused time in the office alongside space to breathe in the countryside.