Having someone you can trust on your team;

Knowing you can delegate the things that are holding you back in your business;

Having more time to do the things that set your soul on fire;

The freedom of accepting you don’t have to do it all alone.

Feels good, right?


If you have arrived at the point in your business (or indeed zoomed straight past it) where you wish you had a second pair of hands, a second pair of eyes, a wingman, a teammate, someone who can HELP, then first of all…




I totally get it, getting to this stage in your business is something worth celebrating, but it’s also a little bit scary.

How can you possibly continue to grow and expand your business alone?

How can you trust someone else enough to let them in to the business that you’ve so lovingly cultivated and grown from scratch with blood, sweat and lack of sleep?

Chances are, if you’re doing all the systems and software tasks in your business right now, there’s people like us who do this for MULTIPLE businesses, and we can do it faster – because THAT’S our thing. Is it really yours?


I understand your fears around outsourcing – I’ve had them myself! Letting someone else in to your business is a big deal, but just for a second let’s go beyond that fear and look at the bigger picture.

Can you continue to spin all the plates, master all the tech, do all the “stuff” and still feel that excitement and energy that you first felt when you started your business to do something you loved?

Those ideas you’ve got buried away… What needs to “give” before you can begin to bring those to life?

Ultimately, there will be things in your business that you and only you can do. Those are most likely the reasons you started your business in the first place. Those are most likely to be where your real passion lies.

But what about the rest of the tasks? Figuring out the all those systems you need to keep things running smoothly? Stepping back and mapping things out so that they make sense to your customer? The bits that drag you down, the bits that live on the bottom of your list, the bits that you put off doing either because you don’t know how or you don’t want to… The bits that you wished you could wave a magic wand over and make disappear…



I, or a member of my team, will work with you on a regular basis, providing relief with the tasks that you either a) don’t have time for, b) don’t have the required knowledge for, or c) don’t have the love for. You’re the leader in your business now and you are leading your crowd to amazing places, but no leader can do it alone, the mission is too great.

If you’re new to outsourcing, we start off gently. We’ll work together bit by bit and get to know each other and build up that all important working relationship. As you get more comfortable with outsourcing and letting go a little, we can pick up the pace a bit until you could never imagine going back to spinning those plates alone.

My packages are super flexible and from as little as five hours per month, we can begin to work together to free up your time.

I specialise in Simplero  – the all-in-one platform that encompasses your e-mail marketing systems, Community Management,  online learning platforms, website, automations…. and more.

We also do WordPress content creation with SEO and updates, content creation for social media and online learning, platform integrations and much, much more!

The needs of every business is different, but you can rest assured that I have experience working in over 90 businesses, providing the support they need and giving them peace of mind that myself and my team have got them covered.


We care about the businesses we support as if they were my own and we’re here to give you back all the time and energy you need for all the gifts you have to share with the world.




Need ongoing support for those weekly/monthly/regular tasks? Want to know you have our support at all times to update things, add things, create things as and when you need?

A monthly agreement would suit you best! Here’s the special bit ~ there’s no cookie cutter approach to my packages – we tailor what we do to suit your needs. Starting from a minimum of 5 hours per month, you can pick and choose the amount of hours you’d like to secure to suit your budget and needs!

The way it works is simple – we chat to agree what you need from us and your monthly budget, and we take it from there.


Pricing is based on Project – starting at £197

Have a big project coming up that you simply can’t manage on your own? Need some additional expertise on the systems you need to pull it off?

Need a new system set up and running to help you run your business more efficiently?

Or maybe you need a landing page done for a freebie or lead magnet? Maybe you need a tidy up in one of your systems that has grown a bit wild? Maybe you need a process automated to cut down on the time you spend working on a regular task?

Perhaps you need a course built, an eBook created, a show-stopping membership hub… some help getting your content back on track, an integration added to make your systems talk to eachother…

Whatever it is you need, if working together on a regular basis isn’t on your radar at the moment, it doesn’t mean you can’t outsource something that’s keeping you stuck RIGHT NOW!

To find out more, ask a question or book a FREE 30 Minute Discovery Session, hit the button below!


Kristina is a life saver! The way my business is structured means I generate a lot of content for my Moon School Members each month and keeping up with all the admin was exhausting and left me with very little time for anything else. Being able to pass my passion to someone I completely trust to love it as much as I do is priceless and I don’t know what I would do without this support. Yes, actually I do and it would probably involve some sort of breakdown! Being supported so well means I can love my business even more than before. 


Sarah Cornforth, The Magickal Creatrix


I started working with Kristina because her reputation proceeded her and all for the right reasons. When I took the opportunity to speak with her I really didn’t know what I was doing and Kristina patiently and creatively gave me some fantastic ideas for how to make my life easier and not give me tons more work to do which was amazing. Since I’m building my business around a full-time job it’s crucial that I get the most bang for the buck in terms of content and Kristina was happy to give me lots of ideas. Plus I don’t feel like I’m a creative writer so I’ve been able to carry on doing what I love best which is video and live sessions in my groups and turn them into collateral and it has been awesome. Kristina’s work rate is incredibly quick and accurate and I cannot recommend her enough. She is also not afraid to give you guidance in terms of what may and may not work which is brilliant seeing as though I’m only really getting started. I cannot imagine my business without Kristina, especially in these uncertain times because she helps me navigate these tricky waters and keeps me on an even keel.


“I have just found the BEST VA”, was what I said to myself after our initial call. I just knew it was going to work. Working with Kristina really feels like an extension of my business. Even on our very first call, Kristina totally got my vision and what I was out to achieve. She takes my ideas and makes them technically savvy and sound and helps me with all the bits that would take me double the time, if not longer, enabling me to focus on the bits of my business that only I can do!
Kristina you’re amazing!