Batman can’t come to the phone right now…

What the hell is a Batman Page I hear you cry!

It started as a bit of a joke between the lovely Emma Holmes (you can view her batman page HERE) and I, when she was teaching a class on website 404 pages. She wanted to use a website as an example, I offered up mine, and to demonstrate what a non-funky 404 page looks like, she was off to look for But I believe Emma’s words were something along the lines of “actually, Kristina probably DOES have a bloody batman page… that wouldn’t surprise me!“.  So, yeah, here’s my Batman page…  Full of the random things I love that make me, ME!  And I believe everyone should have one – a place that people can come to find out who the REAL person is behind the business, not just the fancy bits on the About page of a website!

“We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing”.

This quote by George Bernard Shaw is probably the most powerful quote that has ever stuck with me. There are hundreds of powerful quotes that I’ll bring myself back to depending on my mood, needs and feelings at any given time, but this quote is my ruling, underlying motto through life.

I love to have fun, I love adventures. I love to laugh and make people smile. I love that I am often described as “quirky”. I just love to love.

I attribute my success in business this far to my personality and attitude. Don’t get me wrong, I take my business very seriously and with the respect both mine and my clients businesses deserve, but I also laugh with my clients, have fun with them, and just passionately ENJOY what we do together. Business doesn’t have to be boring and serious, and once I shook that mindset and stopped holding the real me in, I soon began to start nailing it on my own terms. I fully understand that this means I don’t “gel” with certain types of clients, and I’m absolutely ok with that.  I really think I can only provide an awesome service to someone who I believe I can actually be friends with – that level of connection is what takes the support I provide to the “game changer” level. My husband once told me “it’s not about making friends, Kristina – it’s about business”.  That almost broke my heart. I’m in the business of building long lasting and successful relationships and to this day, I still haven’t changed my mind on that.

I’m very much an all or nothing kinda person and I can’t fake it – my face won’t let me lie or show emotions that I’m not feeling.

I’m an empath, a word I’ve only recently learned the true meaning of. I absorb others feelings around me, I absorb their problems and treat them as my own.  Whilst this is probably what makes me really good at what I do, as a human and in personal circumstances this really weighed me down. Learning how to “protect” myself and my  emotions from others and approach things in a more practical manner has 100% changed me and given me the confidence to really aim for, and shoot for, what I want in life. I reckon this helps me to support my clients to do this too.

“Mam, Is your job to make people smile?”

Alina-Mae, aged 7

Well yes, I guess it is! When I do my job properly, people smile. They smile with relief they feel when something WORKS! The smile with happiness that they have someone on their side! They smile because they’ve found the support to enable them to do something they love. They smile, because they know that together, we’ve bloody got this! My job is really about enabling other small businesses to bring their ideas to life, but that smile is by far the best by-product of what I do.

My favourite things (list compiled by my children)

(resisting the urge to burst in to song…)


Take a wild guess… Blue and yellow! Clear skies and sunshine.

TV show

Justified. Hands down. I could watch that over and over and never get bored. 


I love home, but my feet are becoming more and more itchy… I long to travel and show our babies the world.


Pralines and Cream ice cream from Haagen Dazs That was not made for sharing. 


Everything except fish, mushrooms and tomatoes (but love all things tomato flavoured – go figure).  Can’t live without cheese.


The kids playing together, laughing.




Gotta say Batman here I guess?! I don’t have a favourite but I do quite like Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man…(sshhhh!)


Eeek there’s a few…

Tilly B

The Curious Pancake

Paperchase (obviously!)

Westside Pine 


Citrus smells!


Skittles! Green ones, to be precise.


Is sleep a hobby!?  ha! If I had spare time on my own, I’d sit still, in silence and appreciate the calm.


The Bad Boys Movies, and Maleficent. Love Trolls, Frozen and Taken movies too!


Christmas.  I love the magic.


Oh so many… I don’t like this question, it depends how I’m feeling at the time!


Loving Dobble just now! Or Super Mario Bros if we’re going technical. I swear too much when playing Mario Kart to play it with the kids.

Shining My Spotlight…

I have a page on my website for people that I’d recommend as a business (you can find that page here and I’d highly recommend you check them out!) but these are just some of the businesses who have really gone above and beyond for their customers and stuck in my mind as exceptional. I’ll be adding to these regularly!

The Magickal Creatrix with Sarah Cornforth

For all things moon and magick, this lady is my inspiration. If you love that stuff too, you need Sarah!

The Perfectly Imperfect Mind Mentor

I’ve watched Sarie’s work for a while now, and her style and teachings are unmatched. Plus she makes me laugh! 

Divine Healing Creations

I’ve recently bought some products from this business and they actually ARE Divine! 

Indigo Grace

Trudie Core – this lady has played a massive part in my personal growth and evolution over the past few years. Her new online shop is amazing!

Most Random…

Place I’ve been to:

Accidentally ended up in a brothel in Thailand once when in desperate need of a cold diet coke. Saw a sign which we thought meant air conditioning… went in, took a seat, and slowly figured out the rest!

 Work I’ve done:

Recently, research for work led me knee deep in a website designed to help find a Brazilian Sugar Daddy. I was there for the tech, honest!



Slipped and fell on my ass on the ice one night, broke my coccyx, pelvis and couple of lower vertebrae when I was 19.  That was a fun time! I spent a week in hospital and a month laying flat on the floor making jigsaws and developing an unhealthy obsession with Vin Diesel.


“Mam, Was this what you wanted to be when you were little?”

(Anja, aged 11)

Yes and no! When I was little I always knew I wanted to be a mum, but I also wanted to be a witch. I’m a mum now to three beautiful, hilarious, crazy, messy, sweet, infuriating little creatures who are growing up right in front of me in to humans who never cease to amaze me. I’m still working on the witch part.

But did I want to do what I do now when I was younger? Nah. I didn’t even know this job existed, and when I was younger, it didn’t! I never knew what career path I wanted to take. In fact, right up until the age of 31, I had no idea what I wanted to do when I grew up!

Image of us all looking almost presentable courtesy of Odd Poppy Photography – we love her and she does a great job of making us behave for the camera!

Best piece of advice I can give you?

I’m willing to bet that right now you have an idea.  Might not be a business idea, but there’s an idea in there for sure. Something you’re sitting on, afraid of the reality of bringing it to life. Maybe the process seems to difficult, maybe it feels too “out there”.  Whatever it is, my advice is JUST DO IT. Life is too short not to give something a try. If that idea has been niggling you for a while, then the least you can do is give it some air time. 

“Mam, What would you do if you had tiny wings like a chicken?”

Lewis (aka Batman), aged 4

Huh… I guess I’d just tuck them up inside my jumper for “normal” things like the school run and such, and bring them out for a bit of a stretch and exercise until they got stronger and stronger until I could fly. Then I’d fly around to see all the things I can’t see from the ground and pray to the chicken gods that they hold me up long enough to get a good view! 

Wedding day back in 2015 – the white dress wasn’t really my thing! It was purple all the way that day!

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