I’m a proud wife and mother of three (five if you include the two dogs that have taken over our home!) from Shetland, right up at the top of the UK (if you haven’t been here – check out Promote Shetland and book your tickets – you won’t be disappointed!). Remote working at it’s best, I’ve made business connections with people as far away as New Zealand and work with clients all over the world from my little desk set up in the dining room of our home on a rock in the middle of the North Sea.

After having baby number three and leaving the “real” job after 15 years, I did distance learning and gained the qualifications I needed to become a freelance bookkeeper. Out of curiosity I began doing some associate work for a good friend and ex-colleague who was an established Virtual Assistant and inspiring mentor, never intending to pursue a business of my own in online business support, but some sort of strange duck-to-water magic happened, and here I am today!

Since deciding to ditch the numbers and embrace the online tech world, my business has grown on me faster than I could ever have imagined – word of mouth is a powerful thing, and through recommendations alone I have now helped over 60 different businesses with their tech and time headaches, and grow successful memberships.

As you might have gathered by now, I’m a systems kinda gal.  I LOVE finding new ways to do old things. I specialise in helping people who love what they do but either don’t have the time or inclination to battle with the tricky techy bits that are required to run an online business. I give them the freedom they crave to grab their business and run with it, while the background bits that they find boring are left in my small but very capable hands! My favourite days are ones spent creating customer journeys, courses and membership sites in Simplero!

Now that the compulsory “about me” bit is done, here’s the bits I bet you’re really here to find out about…

I love a good sweet and savoury food combo. Cheese and banana toasties are the best.

When I was little I wanted to be a witch and a mum when I grew up. Nailed one, still working on the other…

I am ridiculously passionate and enthusiastic about my business and dedicated to helping other business owners free up their time.

My name is Kristina and I’m addicted to notebooks and lemons.

I have a fairly inappropriate but hilarious, (at least I think so), sense of humour and I LOVE to laugh. A LOT.

I’d love a beautiful garden but it turns out I can’t even persuade grass to grow in the right places.

If I am by your side in business, I will work tirelessly to make sure you have the support you need.

Odd socks are my nemesis.

I genuinely love fiddling around in systems and making things work – there are so many reasons to happy dance every day in the world of online business support!

Still want to know more? Check out my BATMAN page!