Hi, I’m Kristina, and whether you’re an established business who wants to grow bigger or a newbie who needs a helping hand to get started, I can help.

You started your business adventure because you wanted to do something you loved. Somewhere along the way you realised that there is a whole heap of other ‘stuff’ that you need to do to build a successful business, and that’s not so much fun.

Those other things might feel hard, overwhelming, way out of your comfort zone or even zap your enthusiasm. Worse still, they leave you time poor!

Do you need to clone yourself, invent a time machine or even work stupidly long hours in order to be successful?

Nope! There is another way and that’s where I come in.

I work with businesses who have felt like you’re feeling right now. I’ve helped them free up time in their business and create more hours, so they never feel short of time or stuck with their tech again.

I take tasks off your hands, I can help you set up systems and simplify things so that you can get on with the parts of business that set your soul on fire and make you smile.

I help you put the zing back when you’re too tired or too busy to even remember where you left your zing.

The problem with a never ending to do list is it never gets done.

It leaves you working long hours, weighs you down and keeps you stuck. Working with me will change all of that.


Imagine feeling more energised, excited about your business again and with your motivation dialled up to 100%.

I will cheer you on, hold your hand, lighten the load and help you create the time and the space to take your business to the next level, so you can flourish and grow your dream business.


The REAL cost of outsourcing…

The REAL cost of outsourcing…

Let me set the scene – you are a business owner, you’ve been running yourself ragged juggling life and business for the last couple of years since you decided to bite the bullet and take the leap. You’re now at a stage that you’re wishing you had an extra pair of...