Happy Clients

If I didn’t tell you I was good at what I do, I’d be really very rubbish at the whole marketing thing… but don’t just take my word for it!

Hayley Gillard from Supercharged Leadership

Sarie Taylor, The Perfectly Imperfect Mind Mentor

Emma Holmes from Rebels & Rockstars

I can’t say that Simplero has transformed our business and the way we do things, because it’s not been Simplero alone… it’s been Simplero and KRISTINA.

She knows this brilliant and powerful system inside out, so that, though I understand the principles of how everything is set up, it’s Kristina who is so brilliant at setting up the detail, and at great speed too.

This Dynamic Duo then, of Simplero and Kristina, allows me to concentrate on what I’m good at, creating content, and talking about it to the world, all the time knowing that Kristina has it sorted.

John C. Parkin

Best Selling Author of The F**k It books

I have used Simplero for a number of years now and have always found it to be fairly straight forward and reliable as it does everything I need it it!

Then I started working with Kristina and realised I had only really made the most of a small part of Simplero and so it just got better. 

Kristina has so much expertise when using Simplero that my business is now mainly automated but yet still feels like it has a wonderful personal touch.

Sarie Taylor

The Perfectly Imperfect Mind Mentor, The Perfectly Imperfect Mind Mentor

Kristina has been absolutely brilliant to work with over the past year as I have set up my new business.

She is so knowledgeable of Simplero and setting up memberships and does everything 10x faster than I could.

She is so quick and efficient in everything she does and I’m always surprised when I get my invoice to see how little time it has taken her to achieve the long lists I give her to do.

I absolutely love working with her and am grateful for her every day.

Bronwyn Smith

I am always so thrilled when Kristina finds solutions to everything I need to help me move forward!

Her knowledge of simplero is amazing!

I am grateful and blessed to work with her

Susie Gessey

We’ve been working with Kristina for the last 6 weeks and, my, how much has changed is such a short time.

She’s completely transformed our presence in social media: adding life to our existing content, creating new content that’s bang on how we like to speak to people from our brand, and being a great presence in our channels on our behalf.

 Kristina is super-organized and creates great systems that mean the work load is lightened for us, but without our losing touch of the content and nature of the work.   In fact, what she’s set up has allowed us to be more in touch with that we’re putting out there into the world than we’ve ever been.

Kristina is very creative too – she has great ideas and, most importantly, perfectly relevant to our brand.  She researched our brand thoroughly, pulled out content we’d forgotten about, and was up to speed on what we’re all about in record time.

In summary, Kristina is a total star.

John C. Parkin & Gaia Pollini

Best Selling Author of the F**k It books, November 2020

Kristina is a life saver! The way my business is structured means I generate a lot of content for my Moon School Members each month and keeping up with all the admin was exhausting and left me with very little time for anything else. Being able to pass my passion to someone I completely trust to love it as much as I do is priceless and I don’t know what I would do without this support. Yes, actually I do and it would probably involve some sort of breakdown! Being supported so well means I can love my business even more than before. Kristina you’re amazing!

Sarah Cornforth

The Magickal Creatrix

I started working with Kristina because her reputation proceeded her and all for the right reasons. When I took the opportunity to speak with her I really didn’t know what I was doing and Kristina patiently and creatively gave me some fantastic ideas for how to make my life easier and not give me tons more work to do which was amazing. Since I’m building my business around a full-time job it’s crucial that I get the most bang for the buck in terms of content and Kristina was happy to give me lots of ideas. Plus I don’t feel like I’m a creative writer so I’ve been able to carry on doing what I love best which is video and live sessions in my groups and turn them into collateral and it has been awesome. Kristina’s work rate is incredibly quick and accurate and I cannot recommend her enough. She is also not afraid to give you guidance in terms of what may and may not work which is brilliant seeing as though I’m only really getting started. I cannot imagine my business without Kristina, especially in these uncertain times because she helps me navigate these tricky waters and keeps me on an even keel.

Emma Johnson

Inner Smile

Kristina is, without doubt, one of the best ever VAs I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

She is unique, (in my humble opinion), as she possesses a rare blend of efficiency, organisation, technical knowledge, and, is incredibly creative.  There is no end to her skills.  You could not ask for a better mix.  And if that is not enough, she is a totally fun, lovely person

Having Kristina onside to grow your business is the most sound investment you will ever make.  If only we could clone that girl!!

Tracey Baxter

What can I say about Kristina the magic VA! I love her! She gets me, my business, and is always on hand to help and advise. Taking off that bit of pressure for me every month is worth it’s weight in gold.  I am busy in my business helping my team, doing training, going live, along with all the other things a Networking Business needs. Not to mention the “every day life” things I have to do. So that bit of help along the way is fabulous! I decide how much I spend, nothing is forced, but if I have a project on the go, well there she is with bells on! Absolutely love her and look forward to creating more magic together!
Linda McNeill

A huge thank you to the wonderful Kristina for all of her support as my awesome virtual assistant within my business. She’s such a delight to work with. So friendly, polite, efficient and organised. She always delivers first class work and goes above and beyond what I would expect a VA to do. I highly recommend her to anyone as she’s amazing! 5 stars!!  ps don’t ever leave me!!
Susie Gessey

Well what would I do without you? If I can’t do it I know you will. You are officially ‘weird’ (in a epic way). To me it’s torture. To you it’s a doddle. I adore how you just make things happen. Things that would take me a year, you get done in 5 minutes. Without you my shit would remain in my ‘one day’ pile. Keep on being the best right hand woman any business could ask for. I’m really grateful to have you not only as my ‘get shit done woman’ and my motivator, but also as a bloody awesome friend too. Thank you so much for everything 
Judy McKillop

“I have just found the BEST VA”, was what I said to myself after our initial call. I just knew it was going to work. Working with Kristina really feels like an extension of my business. Even on our very first call, Kristina totally got my vision and what I was out to achieve. She takes my ideas and makes them technically savvy and sound and helps me with all the bits that would take me double the time, if not longer, enabling me to focus on the bits of my business that only I can do!
Kristina you’re amazing!
Amie Crews

Stop right now and hire this woman! Kristina makes my whole business world go round. She’s intuitive, creative and an amazing problem solver. I wholeheartedly recommend Kristina and her enthusiasm, dynamism and energy. She rocks!
Hayley Gillard

Working with Kristina is one business decision you won’t regret. She will not only save you time but she’ll save your sanity. Her attention to detail and the fact she treats your brand like her own are just some of Kristinas amazing attributes. Her communication is clear, her work is top notch and you are never left wondering or second guessing with her. I’d highly reccomend Kristina to anyone who needs their time and sanity back and wants to make sure their business is in good hands!
Trudie Ni Chora

Kristina was recommended to me by some very good friends and colleagues who I trust implicitly so I had no hesitations in asking for her support as I was feeling very stuck in my business.

Kristina is so easy to work with.

We had an initial chat and she is so friendly, easy-going and puts you at ease straight away. She’s such a kind and lovely person. She really does know her stuff inside out and has some great ideas when you’re feeling unsure. Nothing is too much trouble for Kristina and she is an absolute Godsend. Everyone needs a Kristina in their life.

All the things that stressed me out and caused me hours of stress and staying stuck in my business, Kristina sorted out immediately.
Kristina helped me sort out Mailchimp and autoresponders, she also made a beautiful template for my future newsletters. She added my free resources to my website and linked them with my Mailchimp and made me a lovely new landing page in my brand colours and some beautiful memes.

I had been struggling with all of the above for months and causing myself so much stress because I couldn’t get my head around it and I thought everyone else could and that there was something wrong with me because I just couldn’t do it.

I most definitely plan to work with Kristina again in the future. She really is someone you need. I honestly, hand on heart can’t recommend her highly enough. And I really am looking forward to working with her again very soon.

Thank you SO much, Kristina, for all your hard work, encouragement and support. You’re amazing, you truly are.

Trudy Brookes

I honestly can’t explain how impressed I am with Kristina Smiths virtual business support. Initially, Kristina came to Hot Gecko Media looking for some branding for her new business venture. I was only too glad to help out and assist her where I could. While working with Kristina, I found her business ethics and compassion for what she does very professional and helpful.


I am a reasonably new graphic design startup myself and have an ever-expanding workload and client base. I struggle to find time to keep up with just the demands of my clients, never mind keeping all my administrative paperwork up-to-date.

Like most business owners, I prefer sending out sales invoices and seeing the money entering my account rather than sitting down inputting purchase invoices, proofreading, searching for specific information on a precise topic or other administrative duties. By utilising Kristina’s business skills (and patience), I can concentrate on my client’s needs and have more time to be productive and focus on what I do best.

Utilising some of the latest online apps and software, we have a great system setup which allows Kristina to do all my necessary data entries without having to always be on the other end of a phone or emailing. Every time Kristina has completed a task or is nearing a pre-agreed set amount of time, I get a detailed report of where she is with that project. I am always impressed knowing it would genuinely take me at least double the amount of time.

Working with Kristina is not only enjoyable due to her sense of humour and professionalism but its because I feel she has a vital role in my expanding business without having the worry and intricacies of actually being her employer. It’s a win-win situation.

Ross Stopper

Hot Gecko Media

Working with Kristina has brilliant for my business and sanity. She is very professional, flexible and always willing to help even at short notice. She really worked with me to understand my business and customers to help make sure all my messaging is right. Offered great advice for systems and processes, keeping it simple and manageable for me. Great communication and knowledgable on so many systems. She also helped with great wee videos to allow me to learn some things myself. I would highly recommend Kristina, always a pleasure to work with and an asset to my business.

Orielle Taylor

Orielle Taylor Coaching

I have been working with Kristina for a few months now and she has been fantastic. She has helped me to organise my customer mail chimps each month, which has made a huge difference to my personal business and she is always there to support me and bounce ideas off. I couldn’t recommend her enough and look forward to working with her this year and growing my business outwith Shetland.
Elaine Drakeford


Kristina put together a newsletter template for me on the platform I use for all my lists. She was fantastic at coming up with the layout and a plan to make it work for every newsletter. I didn’t have to spend much time at all explaining what i wanted and she whizzed up a fantastic template in super quick time saving me the headache . It looks professional and bang on brand . Thank you Kristina xx
Lisa Lancaster

The Magic Box Toy Shop

I’ve known Kristina for years, so always knew she’d be a fabulous VA in the online world. First thing is she’s a bright shiny star  in your day, always enthusiastic and full of fun. But secondly, she’s got the most fabulous knack of seeing the thing you’d forgotten to do, pinpointing the essential part of a plan that’s and is great at keeping you on plan too. Super helpful, friendly and all round lovely, you’ll not go wrong working with Kristina ??
Allison Christie

Allison Christie Online

Kristina is great to work with, organised and professional. Her knowledge is amazing. Kristina has done various adhoc tasks for me in the past. Sorting out my Mailchimp, creating images in Canva, content scheduling into social media.
Working with Kristina enables me to do the things that I really need to do, when I need to do them. While she sorts out some of the other things for me. I highly recommend having a chat with her to discuss how she might help you with your business.

Claire Bareja

Get Found Online With Claire