What Kind Of Things Can You Do For My Business?

I’m really rubbish at answering this question! Friends and family ask me all the time what it is that I actually do. The simple answer? Save people time in their businesses.  The range of tasks that I perform for my clients are so wide and varied.  So here are a few of my favourite things!

WordPress! I love a bit of WordPress! Adding new pages, updating content, adding blogs, creating links and integrations, WooCommerce shops, Creating learning platforms within your website, updating your style and branding… love it.

Simplero – probably my most favourite system to work in! If you’re a Simplero user already, you’ll know the functions in there are endless, I absolutely love a system that does everything and does it seamlessly, Simplero is the top of my list for this!

Mailchimp – where my love of online systems all began! I spend a lot time working in Mailchimp for clients!

Content Creation – creating and re-purposing content to help you with your online marketing and social media presence, maintaining brand and consistency across your platforms and keeping you at the forefront of your crowds minds!

All things online courses – I love helping people take their courses online so they can share their expertise with a wider audience and reap the benefits!

I’m a helpful creature by nature. Check out my Work With Me Page to see how I can help you bring those ideas to life.


Do You Ever Learn On The Job?

Totally. I am continuously learning. Learning new systems, learning new ways of doing things better and faster, learning how your business works, learning how YOU work.

If you need me to learn a new system or skill to enable me to provide you with the best possible service – I make allowances for that. If something is going to take me a bit longer because I haven’t done it before – I don’t overcharge. I’m a fast learner and will adjust my invoice accordingly.

If you have a task that needs doing that I know is outwith my capabilites, chances are I will know someone who IS capable and I will refer you in their direction. I’ll never take on a task which I know I cannot do to the best of my ability – I’m not here to waste your time or money.



What Do You Need From Me?

 The biggest requirements I have of you as my client are Honesty, Trust,  Realistic Expectations and the supper biggie… Communication!

When we’re starting out, I need you to speak up! If you’re not happy with how something is being done, I need to know in order to correct and move forward in a positive direction. You will struggle to cause me any offence!

I need you to provide me with all the information I need to do a good job for you. Your business is unique to you, and new to me. I’m intuitive and proactive, but I don’t have a crystal ball (yet), so you need to be clear on what your requirements are.

I also need you to trust. I know it’s hard to let go of tasks in the business you’ve worked so hard to build up – I totally get that! But in order for you to get the most out of having me on board, you need to relax a little bit, trust I’m more than capable of doing what you need me to do (if I wasn’t, I would tell you and wouldn’t agree to the task – I wouldn’t waste your time!) and start delegating! It’s ok to delegate, you don’t have to do it all on your own! 

You need to have realistic expectations – I’m just me. I’m great at what I do, and I do it with endless enthusiasm, but sometimes I can’t just drop everything to respond to you immediately, I have other clients and I also have kids. When I’m on time booked by you, you are my top priority. I do have a minimum 48 hour turn-around period – and where I can, I will help you out as quickly as I can when you need me, but it may not always be instant.

But above all else, communicate, communicate, communicate!! I’m only as good as the information you provide me with 🙂


What Are Your Working Hours & Where Do You Work?

I work from home, usually. Occasionally I’ll pack up my laptop and external brain (diary!) and head off for a change of scenery.

Monday – 10am – 2pm

Tuesday 10am – 2pm

Wednesday 10am – 2pm

Thursday 9am – 11:30am

Friday 9am – 12noon

If you need me at a particular time, with enough notice, I can usually make that work for you.


With the kids home, my working hours have been turned on their heads. At the moment, I’m grabbing working hours when I can, to fit in around the kids needs.  I’m generally doing an hour of admin in the mornings to catch up with messages and plan my work load for the evening, and hitting my desk when the kids are settled in bed to crack on with the afore mentioned planned workload!



How Do I Know If You're The Right Fit For My Business?

The trick in hiring the right freelancer for you is in the connection. Trust your gut. If you’re looking through my website right now, wondering about the possibility of outsouring, get in touch! Communicate! Ask Questions!

I’m positive, enthusiastic and sometimes my energy and excitement just isn’t for everybody, I’m OK with that, but it does mean that my working relationships with the right clients are absolutely fantastic and so productive.

You can also check out my Happy Clients page and see what others have to say about what it’s like to work with me.


What If I Don't Need To Outsource EVERY Month? Can We Work Together On An AdHoc Basis?

Definitely! My rate is a little higher for adhoc work – you can find out more about this by clicking HERE

I'm New To Outsourcing - Can We Start Off Small?!

Absolutely we can! My retainer packages are tailored to your needs, and we’ll review every three months to make sure you’re getting the most of your booked hours with me!  You can start on as little as 5 hours per month, and work your way up as you need to. 

I find that the working relationship really flourishes when you hit the 10+ hour mark per month, at that point we’re working together more regularly, I’m learning your style and voice quicker and you really get to experience what it’s like having someone in your team who loves your business as much as you do. You have someone you can call on regularly and the support you need is always there.

Why Should I Outsource To You And Not Hire An Employee?


There are a couple of reasons why outsourcing could have more benefits than bringing in an employee.

Money – you pay me for my time spent on your business. That is all. You don’t pay me for my holidays or when I’m sick, you don’t pay me for my lunch breaks, you don’t have the employers cost of Tax, NI or pension contributions. The only cost you have with me is for the work I do for you.

Flexibility – maybe you don’t have ENOUGH to justify bringing in an employee at this stage. Outsourcing gives you the flexibility to get what you want done, when you need it – you’re not tied to providing 20 hours worth of work per week to an employee.

Convenience – there is no tricky HR or employment laws to take up your time. I give you a contract, you sign if you’re happy, then we crack on.