How will my VA look after my business?

No, I’m not your next-door neighbour curtain twitching every time you leave the house or enjoy a few beers in the sunshine in your garden (or sheltering from the wind and rain in your garage with the door open if you live where I do!!*)

I’m talking about your ACTUAL business – the one that brings home the bacon and stimulates your brain!

So many business owners have told me they don’t have a clue where to start when it comes to letting someone else in. They don’t know how to outsource because they struggle to let go of tasks. They are so busy, and fighting to keep their heads above water, but the thought of allowing an outsider to help and work on their business gives them the shudders.

It’s a process, and a work in progress, and it’s TOTALLY normal to feel uncomfortable and apprehensive when it comes to outsourcing and allowing another person in to everything you’ve put your heart in soul in to and worked so hard for!

So let me tell you what my clients’ businesses mean to me.


If I didn’t treat their businesses with the respect, care and enthusiasm that I do my own business, then I would be a pretty crappy choice for anyone to put their faith (and hard work) in to.

Let me put it this way. If you’re a parent and require a babysitter, you’re going to want someone onboard who cares about the wellbeing of your children as much as you do, before you head on out and leave your babies with them. The first time you leave them, you feel a bit jittery, a bit wary, distracted and unable to relax, BUT, when you return home to find your babysitter has been more than capable (as you really knew they were), you begin to realise that this is a GOOD thing! You are now able to have a little bit more freedom and give focus to other things. WIN WIN!

I put as much thought, energy, effort and passion in to the work I do on behalf of my clients’ businesses as I do in to my own. Let’s face it, without their business, I wouldn’t have my own that I am so passionate about and love almost as much as cheese (which is actually a whole lot), and THAT’S why you can be sure that if you ever choose to work with me, I will treat your business as though it’s my own.

Kristina x

*I live in Shetland where, although there are probably more rainy days than days full of sunshine, when the clouds do grace us with their departure, the beauty and sunshine MORE than makes up for those days of abandoned bbq plans and sheltering from the rain!