Will My VA Make Me A Priority?

So this is something that’s cropped up in conversation a couple of times. My clients, and prospective clients want to know – How do they know they will be my priority? How do they make sure they’re top of my list?

The easy answer is – I don’t have a bottom of the list!

Each of my clients are my top priority. Without my clients, I wouldn’t have a business.

Let me explain a bit about how I work…

My clients know my available business hours. They know what I expect from them and what they can expect from me. They know how to contact me and they know I won’t always be able to respond immediately. They also know I’m just a human (a super-efficient and highly organised example, but a human none the less!).

At the start of each month, I plan my workload with my clients to ensure they have the number of hours of my time that they require. This is flexible to a degree, so that if more hours are required, it’s not a problem. I purposefully do not have all my time sewn up, to ensure there is room to manoeuvre and be responsive to my clients needs.

Whilst I am “on the clock” for a client – they are my only focus. I switch off all other distractions and get stuck in. This means I’m not answering queries for other clients or doing little bits here and there.

It doesn’t mean that if I’m not working for you in that moment, that you’re not a priority!

What it does mean is that when you need my time, you can be sure that you will absolutely get my time – all to yourself!

With a bit of understanding and realistic expectations, if you’re my client, you ARE my top priority.

If you’re thinking about joining the top of my list, get in touch here.