At the start of this week I was planning out my content for the week ahead and decided to start noting down ideas to help us all stay focused.


Loss of focus is the biggest time-thief in our working days. Especially, if like me, you’re a one-woman-band.


When I put pen to paper on FOCUS, I realised I had to turn it on its head and stop looking at the things that help us to stay focused and start looking at the things that steal our focus and attention, so I published a post on my Facebook page on the things that pinch my productivity and how I combat those.

But it got me thinking…. WHY is it so much easier for all of those pesky time thieves to distract us on certain tasks?

Motivation, mood, time of day – they all play a part in whether or not our brains are ready to get stuck in.


The biggest factor by far, though, is whether or not we actually WANT to do what’s next on our lists.


I have absolutely no problem at all focusing when it comes to doing work on behalf of my clients. Because it’s what I LOVE to do.

That’s the reason I’m in business. That’s the work that starts the fire in my belly. That’s the track my motivation train is on at full speed.


But when I sit down to my own monthly accounts? Bleh.


What should take me an hour can take three. I let every single, tiny thing distract me. Because my heart’s not in it (which comes as a bit of a surprise after receiving a distinction award last year in my accounting qualification I did with the AAT!). It’s a huge waste of my own time.


Quite simply, I can’t be arsed.


There are far more exciting things in my business I’d much prefer to be doing, and I willingly let those things distract me from what I should be doing. And lets face it, those numbers will still be there waiting after I’ve managed to do all the good things, and try as I might, I have still not found the cure for upping my motivation on the last day of every month for this necessary evil. Self bribery helps but can become quite expensive 😉


My solution to this?


I’m finally practising what I preach and by August I will be outsourcing, YES, OUTSOURCING my monthly accounting, and I cannot wait!

I spend my time being outsourced to – it hadn’t actually occurred to me until now, that I too can outsource. All of those things I tell my clients about, freeing up their time to do things they love, I hadn’t thought for one second that I could apply it to myself!

So now I am, and because I’m going to be getting rid of my accounts, what has taken me 3 hours a month in the past will take the “lucky” recipient just 1, and they will be doing it with the same fire in their belly that I have when I work for MY clients, because that is their “thing”.

And even better, I’ll be able to increase the hours I can work for my clients, and ultimately increase my income, all because I’ve outsourced! YAY!


So next time you sit down to fight a battle with your time thieves, ask yourself – “is it really worth it?”.


There’s ALWAYS someone out there who loves doing that task a whole lot more than you do. It might just be worth your while exploring that option…


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