What would you like to know?!

First things first, never give me coffee. Ever. Even if I ask for it. I’m a fairly excitable creature at the best of times, add coffee and it’s game over for any further sensible conversation or productivity for the rest of the day.

Without coffee, I’m a well balanced cocktail of happiness, determination and enthusiasm from Shetland, right up at the top of Britain. I’m a master (mistress?!) of multitasking and time management in my roles as a Virtual Assistant, Wife and Mam of three. I count myself incredibly lucky to be ridiculously happy in each of these titles.

A self-confessed stationery addict, I love all things lists, productivity, organisation and solution hunting. And if it can be done with a gorgeous notepad and purple pen, all the better!



How Do I Get To The Top Of Your List?

Will My VA Make Me A Priority? So this is something that’s cropped up in conversation a couple of times. My clients, and prospective clients want to know – How do they know they will be my priority? How do they make sure they’re top of my list? The easy answer is – I...

5 Things I Can Take Off Your Desk Today

"How Can A VA Help Me Right Now?" If you've been wondering what tasks you can delegate to a Virtual Assistant straight away, here are 5 Tasks I can take off your desk TODAY: Social Media Scheduling. Got some content ideas? Hand them over! I’ll make them a branded...