“How Can A VA Help Me Right Now?”

If you’ve been wondering what tasks you can delegate to a Virtual Assistant straight away, here are 5 Tasks I can take off your desk TODAY:

Social Media Scheduling.

Got some content ideas? Hand them over! I’ll make them a branded reality, create your meme’s and content, and schedule it all for you to your platforms! Job done!


Got some audio files or rough notes that need to be made “presentable”? Pass them over! I’ll do a proofread through it, format, brand out if necessary, and get it all looking it’s best ready for you to use.

Cluttered Inbox or Too Many E-mails

Have you lost track of all your subscriptions? Struggling to find the e-mails requiring action in amongst the noise of every list you’ve ever subscribed to? That’s right, leave it to me, I’ll have that inbox organised and unsubscribed from everything that doesn’t serve your purpose anymore, so you can see what you actually need to be seeing!

E-mail Marketing and Customer Newsletters

Got a customer newsletter you’ve written up but haven’t gotten any further with? LOVE THAT! Get it off your desk and on to mine, I’ll format, brand and send it flying.

App or Online Software Set Up

You’re really keen to try some new online software but haven’t had the time to get it set up and working for you – I’ll do that! There’s pretty much an online app for EVERYTHING now, so whether you’re looking for a workspace chat facility, task list management, note keeping tools, file storage, time tracking functions… the list is endless. I’ll find the best app for your needs,  and set it up – all you need to do is use it!